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Challenger Technologies
27-06-2019, 04:57 PM.
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RE: Challenger Technologies
Well done!! Loo try again in 12 months time!!
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14-02-2020, 06:40 AM.
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RE: Challenger Technologies
Boss is pissed that opmi organised to prevent his privatisation, and opmi are getting punished. Dividends are sharply lower for the year, even even though there is more than enough profit and cash to support it.

I'm not sure if it is always better for opmi to challenge the BOD. For opmi hoping to monetise their shares at a price that is better than the privatisation offer, it could be a long wait.

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14-02-2020, 12:50 PM.
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RE: Challenger Technologies
Dymon is PE firm in this context.

After a PE firm gets in, a portfolio company need to pay out even more div to help PE deleverage the loan.
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30-03-2020, 10:34 PM.
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RE: Challenger Technologies
I happen to pass by both Popular Bookstore and Challenger outlets at a shopping mall today. The Popular bookstore has some sort of queue mgmt control measures with a staff armed with a thermometer standing "guard" outside the store. The Challenger outlet looked to be "open as normal" from the outside. Does this perhaps reflect something abt the mgmt ?

On the other hand, the last done price for Challenger is $0.40. Taking into consideration the failed delisting offer of $0.56 last year, could it be worthwhile to accumulate Challenger now, notwithstanding one of the risks may well be going into some sort of a value trap ?

I look forward to taking a look at the Top 20 shareholders once the AR is out - it may offer some clues.

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31-03-2020, 08:23 AM.
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RE: Challenger Technologies
Challenger doesn't look so attractive now that the board has decided to be less generous to its opmi. There are also quite a number of stocks offering twice the yield of Challenger, with more or less comparable fundamentals.

In the long-term, it should still do okay as a retailer. And if the board improves its attitude towards opmi, then all the better.

I guess they never expected, and hence never prepared for, the possibility of losing their privatisation bid.

Popular has been increasing the number of IT items on its shelves. I think they are quite aware that they need to move towards higher margin SKUs to sustain the rising costs of physical retailing. If the relationship between senior and junior Chou is still as bad, then succession for Popular becomes an issue. If Popular loosens its competitive grip -- which seems to already be happening -- Challenger will benefit from having a larger share of the market.

I wonder what is to happen to Popular in the coming years.

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