He can't drive, but rented supercars 35 times

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Interesting way to spend money.... Tongue

Tue, Apr 12, 2011
The New Paper

He can't drive, but rented supercars 35 times
By Rae Tan

18-year-old supercar enthusiast Adrian Goh doesn't have a driving licence, so he rented some gorgeous rides and hired a driver, just so he can experience the thrill of his life. -TNP

HE HAS rented two supercars - the Ferrari F430 Spider and the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder - 35 times in three months.

And he has spent a few thousand dollars on his hobby.

But supercar enthusiast Adrian Goh doesn't have a driving licence.

So the 18-year-old didn't get to drive the cars he rented; he was just a passenger as someone else drove the cars.

The Institute of Technical Education graduate said: "Being able to ride in the supercars was really like a dream come true for me. I couldn't help but go back to ride in (the cars) repeatedly."

He is a regular customer of Ultimate Drive, a four-month-old company here that rents out two supercars.

Customers can either drive the car or choose to ride as passengers.

An employee will always be in the car to show the customer the route or drive the car for the customer.

Adrian said he's neither from a wealthy family nor does he have rich friends who own these luxury cars.

He said he spent only a "low four-figure sum" in total as he was an Ultimate Drive VIP Club member and got discounted prices for each ride.

He said the money came from "working at a small network company last year".

But he declined to disclose his monthly salary or how much he spent in all on his indulgence.

Now, he's also got his dream job.

He is working for Ultimate Drive as a customer service employee while waiting to be enlisted into National Service.

'It is beyond words'

He said: "I want to tell customers how awesome the feeling of being in a supercar is. It is beyond words. I want to share what I have experienced with our customers."

Mr Marc Griot, the company's managing director and founder, said: "Adrian came back time and again to try out the cars and, slowly, we began to know each other better.

"I am absolutely impressed with his passion for cars and I am more than willing to teach him things in our company."

According to Mr Griot, customers can choose from two packages - the Discovery Tour and the Sensation Tour.

Under the Discovery Tour, customers go around certain sections of the official F1 circuit at the Marina Bay for 15 minutes.

In the Sensation Tour, which lasts 30 minutes, customers take the same route in the Discovery Tour and a drive on the East Coast Parkway.

Prices range from $128 if they're passengers to $388 if they drive.

The tours start from either Marina Bay Sands or the Singapore Flyer.

Drivers need to be above 21 years of age and have at least two years of driving experience.

Mr Griot, who is French, has been a permanent resident here for four years and was involved in real estate development previously.

He started the business when he realised "Singaporeans' passion for cars, how well they take care of their cars and how cars are often a hot talking point here".

He said: "In Singapore, the glamour and the luxury is all here. Our customers often tell us that an Ultimate Drive is a great addition to what Singapore already has to offer.

"Some of them are like Adrian, who is extremely enthusiastic about cars. They come to us many times and spend so much with us till we remember them."

Women make up 30 per cent of his clientele.

He said: "Only a small number of them choose to be driven while most of them are tempted to drive.

"Usually, their concern is if the supercars would be difficult to drive. However, once they try it out, they realise these powerful cars are surprisingly easy to handle."

This article was first published in The New Paper.
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Nice... nice to see people going all out to boost the economy
Super-car business trust in the future ? Hehe Smile
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(13-04-2011, 08:03 PM)Nick Wrote: Super-car business trust in the future ? Hehe Smile

Be very very very wary if there is such a trust. Tongue

It is not a viable model. Just do the maths and see. I believe there is already a few which has gone belly-up. Pity those who paid "membership fees".
Quote:He is working for Ultimate Drive as a customer service employee

I think he is a super salesman!

18 years old involved in MLM and doing well enough to rent super cars?

He's an overachiever. Big Grin
Pay a few hundred dollars to rent car, drive by chauffeur... Get my girl. Priceless!
The thing about karma, It always comes around and bite you when you least expected.

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