Mr Lee Kuan Yew passed away at 0318am 23rd March 2015

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Rest In Peace.

Thank you for everything that you had done for Singapore.
RIP, Mr. Lee. Thanks for all you've done for Singapore.

Your legacy will continue on in the hearts and minds of Singaporeans.
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You are a great leader, thanks for everything you've done for Singapore
Listening to the address made on radio just now, I can feel the sorrow in PM's voice. I guess that is what a leader has to be like for I do not think I have the strength to not cry while making such an address.

Appreciate the goodness that Singapore has given us. Will pay it forward Mr Lee! Rest in peace.
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I was watching 国民心运动 yesterday hosted by 郑斌辉. It is truly remarkable how Singapore has transformed over these 50 years. Thank you Mr Lee for all that you have done. Rest in peace.
He had been a great leader and i salute him for all the sacrifices he had made to bring Singapore to who we are today. May he find a better life in the other world, RiP
Thank you Mr. Lee for everything.
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Passing of a Great Leader who have the Foresight, Leadership and Dares to make tough decision for the nation.

Just my Diary

RIP, and thanks you Sad
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