Mr Lee Kuan Yew passed away at 0318am 23rd March 2015

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reminded me of a recent Jackie Chan movie on the silk road where hun an reunited the 30++ nations...
(27-03-2015, 09:30 PM)corydorus Wrote: No joke ? kind of surprise they have close relationship with Mr Lee.

Our r/s with India is close but is quid pro quo, they benefit as much as us, we benefit mostly in the defense area like training programmes, defense is one area where it's very sensitive you can offer a lot money but even then if they do not know you well they may not even want to accept it.

I gleaned from reading a book, we got to know a lot of these countries was during the Iran/Iraq war period, consider we are just a small tiny speck of dot on the globe we have zero resources that would interest anybody you can't just fly to some country and introduce yourself and try to build a r/s with the leaders of these bigger countries.

These things happen is built up thru colloboration and during Iran/Iraq war in the 80's many countries collaborated to supply this conflict and according to the book we were somewhere in the midst of all these and after the conflict we continue to maintain these relationships.
Good-bye Mr. Lee. I will remember you.

Thank you. Sad
“夏则资皮,冬则资纱,旱则资船,水则资车” - 范蠡
It has been more than a year since LKY passing.

Found this video accidentally. Thought our new immigrants that came up is excellence in their thinking and standard.
Of-course this bring up another fond memory of LKY. I am happy to grow up under his leadership.


Just my Diary

Good morning ValueBuddies.

As there are an increasing expectations for Singapore to take side with China, 
Singaporean are faced with challenges from many people (business) to state clearly
what's their inclination?

Are we pro-US or are we pro-China?

Given that China is growing economically and had been more assertive in South China Sea, 
the expectations of Singapore being part of China is not just a thought but also talk-talk here-and-there.

What's wrong with Singapore siding China?

When I read the forum about two elephants dancing and Singapore being a mouse.
I am a little bit disturbed but still ok because in term of geographical size and resources, 
Singapore is really a tiny little mouse struggling to survive.

When the stories turns into Dragon and Eagle fighting and Singapore being a double-head snake.
It's really bad.
Singaporean must behave like a double-headed snake?
Shall we? 
Would we?

Flip around.
The question will be why not?
In order to survive, why not?
In order to continue to grow our economy, why not?
Businessman who do business with China will says, why not? Good for Singapore wah.

Despite LHL and other senior ministers repeatedly explaining Singapore stands (in a short timeframe),
many people is not aware.
They either had not heard/read on LHL FY16 National Day Speech (as they read the headline news on LHL health Smile
or they choose to think on their own (and speculate on what had happened and what's going to happen)

Given a chance, would you like to know/hear what LKY says about this topics?

LKY 1967 Television Interview

Now, you had heard the model answer.
Do you still think that Singaporean are double-headed snakes?
What else could we do to make sure we do not end up being label as such?

Thank you and enjoy a happy Diwali.

Heart Love Compassion
感恩 26 April 2019 Straco AGM ppt
Depend whether we going to sacrifice our long term survival for short term economic benefits.

If we reach a point where we have to bend our principle because we are so dependent on one country that they can start threatening us, then is a good time to bend a little further away so that we will never be threaten again.

Such relationship is unhealthy and is not something we want to be in. LKY will not allow the nation survival be affected in water, in caning, in port and in oil. So this maybe our next 5, 10 or even 15 years plan. But we should.

Just my Diary

Haha china is communist lah how can be friend, Singapore is meritocracy leh.. lol...

sg can aim to be like Swiss, largely independent and let the whole ASEAN gold and assets get stored here 😎

sent from my Galaxy Note 7
Virtual currencies are worth virtually nothing.
Hello Everyone,

Sincerely appreciative on late MM's diligence & intelligence.

Although (he) is not with us, this doesn't lower our sovereignty in economic well-being. Regardless, financial rationality is imperative for economic prosperity & naysayers' nefarious comments should not be taken lightly. It is of great deal since SG's inception and (we) need to explicitly draw the lines.

Nation(s) existed due to expertise & efforts and not who-side-who. We'll be different while maintaining domestic relations with them. Thanks for viewing my opinion.

Warm Regards,

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