Hafary Holdings

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188 lots : )
(19-01-2015, 08:16 PM)secretinvestors Wrote:
(19-01-2015, 06:55 PM)ValueMushroom Wrote: My answers are actually indicated by my vested interest : )
144lots bought for this transaction : )

Need to highlight this is for value trading, didn't analyse in details whether it is a value stock for long term holdings.

Ok got it. For me, since there's some remaining shares on hand after acceptance of offer, I would be slightly more careful about the fundamentals since there might be some chance that I have to hold on to it for an extended period of time. If we take our position at around $0.21, the net effect after the offer would mean the average price bought to be around $0.18 which is near the 52 week low of $0.175. PER at this price would be about 9-10x which seems quite reasonable.

<vested but small amounts>

XE today. If i'm not wrong, those who buy Hafary now can't participate in the partial offer. I've sold about 25% of what I have yesterday @ $0.225 for a quick 5.5%+ profit in 14 days. Although not a lot but reasonable considering the short time period and the certainty.

For those who bought it, what actions did you take and what options will you be taking with regards to the partial offer? Would be keen to know and learn from you guys Smile
Wow great. Good money in such a short time.

I intend to fully accept the offer and sell the remaining units when it goes higher : )
i have odd number of lots Sad
Checked my account yesterday, money from the offer has come in : )
is this counter still a good buy? no volume for the last few days.... Sad

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