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Beijing has some charm that despite visited a few times, I'll be back!

Food-wise, Peking Duck and Sabu-Sabu are my top choice. However, I can take Sabu-Sabu every dinner but Peking Duck only once in a while.
[Image: 0013729e78490fa4b6821f.jpg]

[Image: 26_01.jpg]

Sight seeing, Great Wall will be the number one and you can visit Great Wall at different time of the year and you'll get completely fresh experiences.

Very likely, you'll go in spring or Autumn:
[Image: bu_dao_ding_fen_g_fei_hao_han.jpg]

Winter will be hash but less crowded. (who cares about snow, I don't mind)
[Image: Great-Wall.jpg]

And, your choice?
before sailing up the wall, nice to try one cup of chinese liquor to boost the blood..the feeling is great
winters in BJ are terribly terribly cold.

Also during winter time malls in china stock up on winter clothing to sell which is unsuitable for in Singapore's everyday sunny climate so shopping experience in winter periods in china are quite boring.
I am thinking of going there but the pollution is quite bad. I wonder when would the pollution end.
I last went the wall in2008, the air was great.
There are many museum in the world.
None is comparable to this.
Go inside and roam around.
Painting, craving, jade, gold, bronze...
You'll not finish this time, come back again.

If you have some time and weather permit, meet at the WuMen exit before sunset.

People always visit Buckingham Place to see the change of guard.

Likewise, you can join the guard at WuMen before sunset.
They will march to the TienAnMen.
Alternatively, you can go straight to the TienAnMen and wait for the guard.


[Image: 2011212929488913.jpg]
Wow! Your photo is very impressive!
Great picture! I am thinking of visiting Beijing, but am hesitant because of the reported air pollution there.

How's the air in Beijing like?
nice tht a real pic?
I would like to make some clarifications.
These photos were googled from the internet and not taken by myself.
Do let me know if this is not acceptable (to post these here).

I picked this particular photo because it's taken in the winter time.
The white strips is not white color paint but snow.

As of the air quality and others concern about not going to Beijing?
I shared the same too.

However, we all have to decide and make a choice...

Enjoy, while the day is still right.

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