Hot Air Balloon, anyone?

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I was looking at the hot air balloon and the price remain the same ... roughly 200Euro per person.

for those who were keen in hot air balloons...

there are many places that offered hot air balloons rides and do book them if you're keen.  After taking a ride, you might not want to take another, but without taking a ride, you won't know whether you want to take one. Smile

a) where?
Turkey Cappadocia would be the best. If there is only one ride that you wanted to take, then Cappadocia would be the only one you should plan for.

Turkey Pamukkale - an alternative - if you plan for Cappadocia ride but could not make it due to weather condition, then your immediate fall back plan would be in Pamukkale.  Of course, in order to execute this fall back plan, your trip should be to Cappadocia (says stay for 2/3 nights) and then go to Pamukkale (for another 1/2 nights).  Suppose you are staying in Cappadocia for 2 nights, then you should go for balloon on the first morning with 2nd morning as standby. If weather does not permit the ride for both morning then go for the Pamukkale one.

Other places - I was told NZ and Myanmar but had never tried

b) how much?
Cappadocia price ranged from 160-200 Euro - depends primarily on the peak or non-peak period. Different balloon operator provide slightly different prices and peak/non-peak dates.

c) which company?
Cappadocia #1 would be Butterfly balloon.  If all things (e.g. price), then Butterfly balloon would be your best bet.

Other than Butterfly, next would be Discovery Balloons.


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