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Full Version: Hot Air Balloon, anyone?
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The blasting wind was howling non-stop.
Clinching tightly on to the rope, instinctively... thou, it feels like holding to a straw...

*** all these started because of a simple questions:
"Does it means that bigger hot air balloon can fly higher that smaller hot air balloon?"

My captain was a macho man.
He is a British and had started flying hot air balloon 10 years ago.
However, he had came to Cappadocia, three months ago.

He is having a good life here and serenity erh and safety is part of his job.

From preparation, to take-off, to seeing the sun-rise... it was all peace and quiet....

Until the simple questions sparked off his _______ (fill in the blank yourself).

Pressing on his handle, the fuel-gas gushing out from the nozzle with a hizz sound....
the fire was dancing ferociously and making a frightening hong-hong-hong sound....

and, the gentle wind became howling wolf...

*** Becareful when you ask questions on a hot air balloon.


[Image: Royal-Balloon-chief-pilot-Suat-Ulusoy-in...docia1.jpg]
Remind me of this news..

Egypt hot air balloon crash kills 19 tourists
British tourist and Egyptian pilot only people to survive after balloon catches fires and plummets 1,000 feet to the ground

No wonder almost all local travel insurance don't cover "Hot Air Balloon Adventure". i have read about minor to more serious mishaps about hot air balloon. So when we (my wife & i) were in Cappadocia, we gave the "Hot Air Balloon Adventure" a miss.
Indeed there was a minor to more serious mishap for those fellow tourists who taken the "Hot Air Balloon Adventure" Fortunately, the accident happened on balloon landing. It landed off-balance violently with everybody falling over each other. So some injured seriously, some only minor injuries.
And who am i to tell any of my fellow tourists not to take the risky adventure of a "Hot Air Balloon?

i remember there was a mishap some years ago, also in Cappadocia some fellow Singapore tourists's Hot Air Balloon landed or got stucked at the side of the mountain. So that was the main reason we gave "Hot Air Balloon" a miss. i think i will give "Hot Air Balloon" a miss for life , unless my life depends on "Hot Air balloon"
Again, who am i to tell any of my fellow tourists not to take the risky adventure of a "Hot Air Balloon?
This is like share investing, "caveat emptor".
Only this is buying a "service".
seems like landing a balloon is a risky event.

window of safety only happened at the 3m height where the pilot and agile british jumped out fast enough..

moments later, at 100 feet (equivalent to 7 storeys high), those who jumped out jumped to their death..

the pilot seem not to be in control of his balloon at all!

drawing similarities, is our property hot balloon/bubble under the safe control of its pilot? or has he already run road?
(27-02-2013, 11:16 PM)pianist Wrote: [ -> ]seems like landing a balloon is a risky event.

An hour in the air....

Mike take a glance at the horizon and then look down...
searching for something...

He strained his eyes and then pressed to talk to a walkie-talkie hanging by a rope.

Below landscape don't looks like anything on earth...

[Image: cappadocia-columns.jpg]

We drifted for another 10 minutes... the east-ward wind carries us gently towards the main road...
I can almost touch the electric lamp pole now.

Then, I saw Mike waving his hand at the road... no, he signal to a truck/lorry parked at the road side to come forward.

The driver saw him and drive into the plantation... raising up a trail of dust as the lorry dashed into an open space.

Mike shows a thumbs up and the lorry stopped about 10 meters away from us... something like this, ok?

[Image: turkey+cappadocia+hot+air+balloon+45.jpg]

Mike pull a string and our hot air balloon starts to turn around slowly. This, by the way, is the only way he can control the balloon...

Wait! WHAT THE ?????

He is NOT going to land on the ground....

This joker is trying to land on top of the lorry!!!

The rest is history.... Perfect landing!!!

Thank you for reading...
Hot Air Balloon, anyone?
Nearer to Singapore - Bagan.


I had not been to Bagan but thinking about a trip there...

Heart Love Compassion
honestly speaking... no guts to do this... Tongue
would luv to drive around in a jeep at those areas though... looks fun! Big Grin
Had witnessed minor misadventure to hearsay about people more serious misadventure. i personally will not go up in a "Hot Balloon" unless it's in a big open field like in some parts of Australia. But what's there to see in a BIG OPEN FIELD? You just can not have the best scenery with out "Hot Ballon" in a mountainous & valley region.

So will you hot-ballon in a tumultuous Bear market or Bull market or neither here or there market?
What's the difference?
i think once you are in the market, you are already up in the "HOT BALLOON".
There is no such thing as an investment with out risk.
Only a small risk or big to very big risk.
Choose your risk very carefully by not just looking (dreaming) at the return (profit).
But then alas, if i stay on the ground, not going up in the "HOT BALLON", do i still have to face risks?

Have stay on the ground for too long already.
$ rotting in the bank or is cash an option without time limit is no working anymore?

Pardon me! An old-man taking to himself.
Yes, T.
I know what you mean.

We could always minimize our risk but need to pay for insurance/premium thou:

Call/put or future, anyone?

Heart Love Compression
haha i love to give this a try! (Once in a lifetime kind)
Looking for friend to join me~
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