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To Straco owner-this is your baby:
[Image: uc?id=1yfIwkQ_exrmKCUTaU0oOUaZq7AXYabY7]

From my trading record,
I first vested in Micro-Mechanics on 10th Aug 2012@40.5 cents.
I gotten my first Bestworld on 6th Dec 2013@18.7 cents.

Bestworld was very easy to accumulate but very tedious.
I just logon to my trading platform and see what's the buying Q.
If the volume is big then I will just Q one pip above.
If the volume is small then I just add behind his Q happily.

This is tedious because it's like tikam tikam.
Once in the while, I will got 100% but most of the time, my effort is just wasted (no filled).

This go on until the stocks caught the attention of Sam.

As for Micro-Mechanics, it's equally simple but 10 times more tedious.

Nobody is interested at all.
No transaction everyday.
Now, I know why.
It's a penny stocks.  Big Grin

I thought of giving up when it's surged 20% to 50cents 
and started the process of selling.

No joke.
Nobody interested.

So, no choice, I changed my mind and decided that it's a dividend stock
and start to collect dividends.

Again, the question is still the same.
How is it related to Straco?

It's a weekend.
感恩 26 April 2019 Straco AGM ppt
[Image: singapore_by_night_186582_630x400px.jpg]
Shiyi wrote: "Hindsight is always 20-20. I have my sympathy for OL."

I too have my sympathy for OL too.

OL has a strong sales background and her job is to generate sales.

She is no expert in energy business and her relied on everyone (including the authority) to validate her business plan.

That's a fact and we must respect it and call a spade a spade.

TankL mentioned that the initial idea of building a power plant next to a water plant is due to the tender clause.

Back in 2011, the tender stated that water price can not be increase due to the increase in energy price.

So, some brilliant guy was suggesting to build a power plant next to Hyflux power plant so that the energy price could be contain (some how).

Given that the energy price at that time was at a high point of $220 per "UNIT",
another even brilliant guy suggested that any excess electricity generated could be sold to the grid.

In term, the additional revenue and profit could subsidise the water cost.
(in another word, from day 1 of Hyflux water plant, it is already selling below cost.
  the breakeven will only come in, after selling excess electricity at a high margin).

OL had been successful running the water business.
She knew very well that her water business is not sustainable.
It's going to generate -ve margin.
It's an -ve asset.

OL don't know nor understand energy business.
She knew nothing about power generation.
However, she will need the energy business to subsidies the water (which she know will loss $).

Then, someone even more brilliant thought about another idea.
What if....
    what if we build a power plant which is X times what we need?

You see, 1 time of the electricity will be use to power the water plant.
And, the excess electricity (X-1 times) will be selling back to the grid and earn good profits?

Everyone get excited and then history repeats itself.

感恩 26 April 2019 Straco AGM ppt

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