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18-07-2018, 11:37 AM.
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RE: InnoTek
There is a married deal today..of 14,082,700 40ct. Most likely its Gazelle selling out.

From 2017 AR...they are holding this qty....Gazelle Capital Pte. Ltd. is deemed to be interested in 14,082,700 shares held through the following: • OCBC Securities Private Limited in respect of 886,000 shares • Maybank Kim Eng Securities Pte. Ltd. in respect of 5,000,000 shares • Sing Investments & Finance Nominees (Pte.) Ltd. – 8,196,700 shares

Wonder who are the buyers....wait n see...

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18-07-2018, 05:42 PM.
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RE: InnoTek
Wow..buyer of married deal is non other than Mr Lou Yiliang. This should give added confidence to existing shareholders...

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18-07-2018, 05:58 PM.
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RE: InnoTek
Wow, you are right. Gazelle sold out all their interests. A very long position they held, finally they are letting it go.
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18-07-2018, 09:42 PM.
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RE: InnoTek
After unsuccessfully calling for a special dividend of 7.5cts at the last AGM, it is not surprising now that Gazelle Capital chose to exit this investment which they have held probably since July 2010 when they first appeared as a substantial shareholder. It seems either they are in need of capital or just a case of patience wear thin and chose to recycle their capital.

What is surprising is that CEO Lou Yiliang has emerged as the second largest shareholder after the Chandarias with a 11.48% stake. Previously CEO Lou's last purchase from the open market was on 5 July 2016 at an average price of $0.154. This latest purchase from Gazelle at $0.40, not only doubles his shareholdings, but is also 159% higher than his last purchase price and 8.1% premium over last traded price of $0.37. A great show of confidence and further putting his money and skin into the transformation he is creating!

With both Weihai plant and new Thai factory slated to boost production in 2H2018 and new customers such as HP, Innotek stands to reap its investments soon.

I am holding on my shares even tighter!!  Big Grin Big Grin
(Not a recommendation to buy or sell, just stating facts)

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15-08-2018, 12:22 AM.
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RE: InnoTek
Innotek released its 2nd quarter results today and profits increased a superb 965% from $536k to $5.713m. Much higher than anticipated with NAV now at 61.6 cents.

A 5-star performance indeed and likely to strengthen for the rest of 2018 and into 2019. Their stars are aligning for a fantastic performance as I mentioned before...........Why 5?

1st star - Precision Machining continues to generate strong revenue for bezels for large format TVs. New products such as heat-sinks, child car seats and now commercial displays are adding to growth.

2nd star - New OA factory in Thailand is progressing very well and in-fact recoup some lost ground this quarter and started supporting OA clients now. A major coup is Innotek seems to be earmarked as an elite supplier for Japanese OA clients shifting their supply chain out of China.

3rd star - New automotive programmes are already secured and targeted for mass production in 2H2018. New functional and safety parts are now added to its suites of offerings. New engine of growth.

4th star - Mansfield Weihai has secured factory certification and commenced shipping to a key printer customer with mass production set to start in 2H2018.

5th star - Lower office (HQ) rent, higher China factory rentals, lower tax and yuan depreciation against US$ is going to provide more tail-wind and positive trend for this year and beyond.

Quote: "Mr Lou Yiliang, Chief Executive Officer of InnoTek, said: “It has been an exceptional quarter for InnoTek. Despite the start-up costs for our new subsidiaries, our improved sales performance and the opening of our Thailand plant have put us in a much better position to serve our clients in the region. We have implemented robotic arms and other initiatives to automate our manufacturing operations, and will continue to upgrade our capabilities to boost productivity and drive growth.” “Although we faced pressure of the Sino-China trade war and challenges such as rising  material cost, higher labour cost and changes in Chinese government policy on social security and housing funds, yet going forward, we will strive to sustain our sales momentum by strengthening engagement with our existing clients and securing new programmes. We also expect to commence mass production for our clients in the automotive sector next year, which we believe will be another engine of growth,” he added."

A star-spangled night for Innotek shareholders!! Big Grin Big Grin
(Not a recommendation to buy or sell, just stating facts)

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