The people making millions off Listerine royalties

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Long time ago, I tried using listerine to solve some chronic left-over food problem in my mouth, which would flare up when I forgot to be diligent in the teeth brushing work.

Since then, it has become indispensable. It has real sticky-ness. Psychologically, the arrival of listerine taste is a signal for bed time. I can't really accept another taste. 

It probably cost nothing much to reproduce the chemical while more is spent to maintaining the brand. Like Buffet says about Wrigley gum, you are not going to accept anything else foreign in your mouth.

The people making millions off Listerine royalties

For every 2,016 ounces of Listerine sold (equivalent to 144 14-oz. bottles), Johnson & Johnson pays a total of $6 to Listerine’s royalty holders.

Most of the time, the Baird Foundation’s 0.5% share in the Listerine royalty trust totals to about $120k per year in passive income, split into quarterly installments paid by Johnson & Johnson. It’s a great investment, according to Schweitzer: “stable predictable cash on an annual basis.”
Interesting read... thank you weijian !!

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