HSBC Holdings (0005)

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(06-08-2013, 06:03 PM)quantcall Wrote: it is very hard for hsbc to grow....not very attractive unless it gets distressed

One of my favorite banking stocks. Giving consistent dividend payout, some more can convert cash to stocks. Rolleyes
I'm surprised no one has commented about this yet:
(28-01-2014, 01:24 PM)mulyc Wrote: I'm surprised no one has commented about this yet:

HSBC is more of a consumer bank than an investment bank in UK. An Indeed run on the bank or lack of capital will be reflected in the share price more so than any clarifications to be made by their spokesperson.
Extract from Wall St Journal ( 24 feb 2014) :

LONDON—HSBC Holdings PLC said flat revenue and higher operating costs weighed on profit growth last year, adding to concerns about the bank's prospects this year as some of its key markets cool and capital requirements rise.

HSBC said 2013 group revenue fell to $64.6 billion from $68.3 billion in 2012, while its core operating expenses rose from an increase in the U.K. bank levy and higher litigation charges. Net profit was up 15%, though, to $16.2 billion from $14.03 billion, reflecting lower bad loans in 2013 and a drag on the 2012 number from the bank's $1.9 billion money-laundering settlement that year.

The results fell far short of analyst expectations, and HSBC shares sank 4% in London. The bank's final 2013 dividend of $0.19 was less than the $0.21 anticipated by investors, highlighting a continuing tug of war between U.K. banks and the country's banking regulator over excess capital.
HSBC dismisses head of FX trading for EMEA: source

LONDON - British bank HSBC has dismissed its head of foreign exchange trading for Europe, Middle East and Africa Stuart Scott, a source with knowledge of the decision said on Wednesday.

"He has gone," the source said, adding that the move was broadly in the context of the global investigation into manipulation of currency markets which saw HSBC and a handful of other banks fined last month.

Stuart Scott was unreachable at the bank for comment on Wednesday. REUTERS
“夏则资皮,冬则资纱,旱则资船,水则资车” - 范蠡
HSBC likely to keep London HQ after government concessions

[b]HSBC is leaning towards remaining in Britain after a number of victories in its battle to water down regulatory curbs on the banking industry.[/b]
A series of recent government U-turns, including changes to the bank levy, mean it is more likely to keep its headquarters in London at the end of the year, according to shareholders and senior insiders.
Chief executive Stuart Gulliver has secured “pretty much everything he wanted out of the government”, a high-level source said. And a top 10 shareholder said it was “more than likely that the bank will remain in the UK when the domicile review is completed”.
That would mark a substantial victory for Chancellor George Osborne, who has been scrambling to convince HSBC and fellow FTSE 100 emerging markets lender Standard Chartered to retain their headquarters in London.
HSBC threw down the gauntlet to the government in April when the country’s biggest bank threatened to move its domicile out of Britain, with chairman Douglas Flint citing tough regulations introduced since the financial crisis.
Since then, Mr Osborne has said he would slash the levy and soften “ring-fence” rules that will require banks to split retail and investment operations.
In addition, the Bank of England last week dropped a proposed rule to require executives at failed banks to prove they did all they could to prevent a collapse.
However, HSBC has said that it may delay the final decision on whether it will quit London until the new year. The bank had been expected to deliver its verdict in December. Financial sources said this indicated that Mr Gulliver was pushing for more concessions from the Treasury.
The Sunday Times
Now I am looking at two lovely HK listed banks, HSBC and Standard Chartered.

They looks so attractive now. Fallen so much.
HSBC seems to have stronger balance sheet and more diversified vs stanchart ... also, stanchart has larger exposure to commodity loans in asia

a lot of banking and finance stocks in spore, thailand, indonesia, hongkong are now trading at close to bv or even below bv, despite decent ROE and CAR ratio well above that required by regulator ..

a lot of bad news or potential bad news are already priced in ...
I tried to buy 400 shares in HSBC today at $52 using my internet account but did not succeed.
@soros u got chance to buy liao, back to $52 soon

HSBC says net profit dived 82% to $2.48 bn last year
Virtual currencies are worth virtually nothing.

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