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Full Version: Olam International
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I wonder if anyone really understand Olam businesses. You need an army of analysts to figure out what they are really doing.

The coming demerger/listing of their branded business would be make the business a little easier to digest for retail investors.

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In case this has already been covered, apologies.

There is a Reuters article that Olam is probably making a London IPO for 3 Billion.

There is a 3% jump in Share price today.
Listings on LSE and Saudi are just talk and talk only ?
(19-06-2023, 02:58 PM)Stocker Wrote: [ -> ]Listings on LSE and Saudi are just talk and talk only ?

In an IPO, the advantage is with the person who decides the timing (and subsequently the pricing). As such, the stakeholder who decides the timing has the advantage.

If the seller (Olam International) is able to decide the timing, it is advantageous to the seller and its shareholders. When food security and prices first came into vogue due to the Russia-Ukraine war in Feb2022, it made great sense to list and take advantage of it. Everything about food has slightly abated since then but as long as the seller isn't forced to list, it should make good use of its advantage to determine the timing.