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Full Version: 九寨归来不看水
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most beautiful place I had been in:

[Image: jiuzaigou_1.jpg]

This JiuZhaiGou hotel has an appropriate name:

[Image: jiuzhaitiantangwaiguan.jpg]

if you go by road to JZG, sit on the left side.
if you're going into JZG, again sit on the left hand side.
If you travel to PEKING, SHANGHAI, or more established cities of CHINA, you will most probably not regret. Not to ULU PLACES. (Toilets???) You will 100% regret. Anyway go and try then come back here tell us your experiences.
Sorry if i offended anyone. i just don't want old-folks to go and "suffer". Heart
Thanks Temperament for the kind warning.

There is a reason why 九寨归来不看水.

There is also a reason why I specially chosen the third photo in my introduction post... the glass building/compound is a hotel...
it's named JiuZhai Paradise 九寨天堂 not for no reason.

Personally, I think that toilet and facility is not a big issues if you plan ahead.

In fact, the issue is how much money that you are willing to pay for the comfort... (p.s. it's not even how rich you are, or how deep is your pocket....but it's how much you're willing to pay).

For example, a normal room in paradise, quite decent looking? (of course, my personal preference goes to the suite with large balcony. Can you imagine the feeling when you see the early morning snow coming down slowly from the sky... and slowly covering the entire area changing from green to white? from your balcony)
[Image: 52311002_2_8_1031_4.jpg]

And my personal favorite is the nightly performance (FOC - ok, I know, where got FOC, you already pay for it by staying in the paradize).
Yes, the girl in red is wearing "that" costume despite the bitter winter air. 佩服,佩服!

[Image: wanhui03.JPG]
how much is a room like that?
I just check the hotel website:
without breakfast SGD104.82 ++
with 2 breakfast SGD 128.29 ++
Toilets are definitely the problem besides other "standard of services". Toilets is 100% a problem even at some established tourist's sights or shoppings , not to mentioned ''stop-by" toilets throughout the daily 8 to 10 hours of bus journey. The Local slang for the unusable toilets are the "the floors of the toilets are completely filled with GOLD"-literally translated. Sorry again, if i offended someone. But go and try. Maybe standards have improved so much that is satisfactory to you. Of course some toilets at some places are O. K.
I just went there about 2 months ago. I shall not say anything more. i know everyone of us needs to make a living. i don't really feel good. Sorry again if i offended people. Heart
Yes, compare to our "normal" shopping center toilet, those ULU ULU toilet will have 1000x rooms for improvement.

Also, you mentioned that you went there two months ago, aka early October.
If that's true, then you had hit the worst time to travel in China.... so, sorry...

BTW, I thought that the 牟尼沟风景区 停车 厕所 is quite ok and those inside and outside 九寨 is also ok.

On the road, there are three types of toilet stops:
1. at your restaurant, so chose carefully law. FOC.
2. at the coach washing point, some of them really stink, so you might want to avoid these stops. One RMB.
3. at the roadside far away from civilization. These are proper toilet stop and it's man by someone. This should be ok to use. One RMB too.
Before you book the hotel room, do check out the anti sg sentiments discussed in the smrt thread.
For those that are intolerant of dirty toilets, Kyushu and Hokkaido are probably the best choice for scenery and excellent onsens. Most of their public toilets, especially those in the departmental stores, are cleaner than 90% of Singapore households' toilets.

The prices are higher though but after years of stagnant economy, Japan tours are surprising much affordable than before.

The restaurant prices are about the same as Singapore but the quality of food is much higher.
Accommodation costs can be cheap or expensive but a good clean hotel room for two adults is around S$150.
when will the yen decline further?
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