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Full Version: 九寨归来不看水
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at least u did the work-out and conquered lao-shan at 1132m...i think is a gd form of exercise and not an easy feat for elderly people.

did u try the jimo hot springs in qingdao? and there are many Jet Spring or Spurting Spring in Jinan
yeokiwi, you had similar experience as mine!

It's a bit like tourists outside Singapore must have heard a lot about our Merlion. And when they come to Singapore... Like that only lor!

Sometimes we have to do the tourists thing... Lao Shan is not in the same class as Huang Shan, Tai Shan or Hua Shan; but if you are in Qingdao, can't help it lah! Just take the cable car up and say we have "climbed" Lao Shan! LOL!

Dalian got many beaches. If you on a tour, you probably will end up at Tiger beach.

Dalian is voted by the locals as one of the top 5 most livable cities in China. Another top 5 is Xiamen, which I like a lot too. If you speak Hokkien, Xiamen is a great island for the elderly to roam around shopping and eating. It's home away from home!
This one is easy to climb. Quite impressive.
staircase only; up and down and up and down - 1+ hours.

[Image: Leshan---with-toe-of-biggest-buddha.jpg]

This one a bit tedious (although with help of cable car, still need to climb quite a fair bit).
Winter/heavy snow then will be very challenging (need climbing stick, spiked iron, etc).
also, very tall and must be careful of high mountain altitude sickness.
For those believed in Buddha, the climb is worth it!
Tips: aim reach the peak at about 1 to 2pm!!!

[Image: 20120712135934139543.jpg]

Quote:high mountain altitude sickness.
Yes! Beware if you got "attacked" it can be life threatening. It's almost or equivalent to dying from lack of enough oxygen in your system in high altitude. And i understand people had died from this high mountain altitude sickness.
During my trip there (Ngo Mei Shan) i had witnessed a person under "attacked" . She almost died of lack of oxygen due to high mountain altitude sickness. Be warned.
yes, this man wrote a good story on his personal encounter at Chomolangma.
"Chaotic Thoughts From The Old Millennium" English 338.761006092 SIM

[Image: 628x471.jpg]
Suddenly, I have a different interpretation of "embracing budda's feet". It can be a challenging task, unlike what the chinese proverb suggests.
Thanks for the pictures.
I must show you one more photo of JiuZhaiGou.

Some of you must had worn a polarized sunglasses before.
Sometime, we saw neon lights... pink, yellow, red colors neon lights due to the polarized effects of the "polarized lens", of course.

In JiuZhai, by chanced, the polarized sunglasses show a wave of thin flim of neon blue reflection of running river/water.

This surprise me a lot as it's the first time I saw neon blue reflection thru the sunglasses. Only in JiuZhai.

The first time I saw this light reminds me of aurora.

p.s. the following picture is another great photo on why
九寨归来不看水. but, nothing close to the reflection of the neow blue aurora light...

[Image: jiuzhaigou-sichuan%20(3).jpg]
Hi Chialc
When do u think is the best tiime to visit jiuzhaiguo?
I want to recite 黃山歸來不看山,九寨歸來不看水 when i am there...

The above is a summary of best time to visit.

For me, I think all time is good time (except China national holiday eg. 1 Oct)
For example, this year 1 Oct, the toll road was FOC and all the highways was so jam packed.
Read here:

I heard from someone visited JiuZaiGou during this period, and she was cursing literally from her bad experiences (stuck inside the tour bus)

I feel so sad for her.

Anyway, this how JiuZhai looks like in Autumn.
童话世界 Fairy Tale isn't it?

[Image: nuorilang-waterfall-jiuzhaigou-valley-550x412.jpg]
do u mean these pics were taken through a polarized lens?

u seen live aurora before?
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