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Full Version: 九寨归来不看水
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I chanced upon my Uni Lecturer who is now a QiGong Master (again is my master currently).

I'm presently surprised that he love JZG.
He had been there a few times already.

According to him, JZG has a 灵气 (loosely translated as spirit).
erh... not referring to the following picture thou...

Chengdu is a great place to relax...
Try it if you're here:
[Image: wKgB21B1J8jeknDgAA5EDDLUUCQ60.groupinfo.w600.jpeg]
Good morning, valuebuddies.
Let this be my Midas journey.

Yes, I brought Midas recently with tikam $$$.

Looking at last few days sharp drop, it's much more tamer than the mid-nov and dec 17 drop.

This time round, I just received a letter from CDP that my Midas shares was "borrowed".

Big Grin collect some pocket money while waiting.
Midas 麦达斯控股有限公司 (新交所代码: 5EN; 港交所代码: 1021)

Good morning, valuebuddies.
As of today, Midas is still suspended.
Singapore Directors are clearly losing the grip on Midas.
link to feb 2019 quarterly update

As expected, the heavy rain this morning is chilling.
Are you able to spot any trend changes?

[Image: uc?id=1-sNLpSO8wsSbXGnlIYghg4eF0dZVXV8r]
Midas 麦达斯控股有限公司 (新交所代码: 5EN; 港交所代码: 1021)

01 Apr 2019 Three announcements 

link to 0908hrs Liquidation of Midas Holdings Limited
   former chairman, Mr. Chen Wei Ping – a naturalised Singaporean,
      is in the People’s Republic of China since November 2017. 
   former CEO, Mr. Chew Hwa Kwang is located in Singapore
   link to Appendix 1 - Summary of major irregularities discovered

link to 0908hrs Midas released Full year result
  pending court issues liquidity order

link to 1904hrs CAD, MAS and SGX issued joint announcement
  The current investigation by CAD and MAS is against the former directors and officers of Midas Holdings Limited. 
  SGX RegCo is also reviewing potential Listing Rule breaches by former directors and executive officers of the company.
  The investigations will continue notwithstanding the application to wind up Midas. 
  CAD, MAS and SGX RegCo will work with the liquidators if their assistance is required for the investigations

xd 24 April 2019 @ 0.9 cents

[Image: uc?id=1efyc4Yjn5i_oYop1cXY_ER464q5WLBYL]

Thank you,  valuebuddies for helping me all these times.

Thank you.
[Image: uc?id=1VCEBmylIKVfc5SXT9ms5gzWPXXr6TrDc]

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