The Beauty and Culture in Taitung

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Wonderful Air, Land and Sea: All You Can Do in Taitung

        In response to the collaboration of foreign travel activities of Tourism Bureau, Taitung County Government has actively promoted the local tourism to the people of Southeast Asia. In order to cultivate the Singapore market, Taitung County Government has participated in “NATAS Travel Fair 2019” hosted by “National Association of Travel Agents Singapore (NATAS)” for four consecutive years. This year, taking local green fields and oceanic sceneries of Green Island as the theme, the Government will host various activities to promote balloons and undersea mailboxes in Suntec City Mall in Singapore from May 10th to 12th. Various gifts are provided to the people!

Balloons: Amaze Your Eyes and Ears
It’s been 9 years since the first International Balloon Festival. Travelers will come to this place to enjoy the beautiful scenes between Central Mountain Range and Hai’an Mountain Range in Eastern Taiwan from Jun. 29th to Aug. 12th. Eight sessions of concerts with spotlight sculpture and the most beautiful stars in Taitung will make travelers see the purest sky.
Additionally, Taitung has a lot of things ranked 1st in Taiwan: the first dawn, the longest coastline, the best air quality, and the most diverse groups as well as the most road running activities. The top 10 sceneries in Taitung to the people of Singapore are mainly natural landscapes and indigenous tribes. As such, the Government has brought Taitung’s leisurely rural landscape and the rich undersea world of Green Island, hoping to attract people in Singapore and Malaysia to visit Taitung for a journey of healing and leisure.

The abundant oceanic resources and beautiful natural landscapes were even recognized among the Top 10 Travel Destinations in 2016 by the renowned Lonely Planet, and Taitung was also recognized as the Top 10 “Rising-Star Travel Destination” by the well-known travel website “” in 2018. Such have been earned due to the Government’s efforts of promoting various international competitions as well as the upcoming 9th Balloon Festival to connect with the world. It is a place worth exploring to all the visitors!


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