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Noel 1H result as at 31 Dec 2020
Rev $7m (vs 8m)
GP  $3m (vs 4m)
NP  $223k (vs -349k)

The challenges faced by the Group due to the COVID-19 pandemic as announced at the last reporting are still unabated. The Group is concerned that any reduction in Job Support Scheme would have a negative impact on the Group’s financials.
The Group will continue to focus on cost management and explore new business opportunities. We remain cautious and would take necessary action to safeguard the Group’s interests.

Stay home and stay healthy, everyone.

FY2021 result with 3cents dividend (0.3 + 2.7 special)

[Image: uc?id=1tVtAaVmmxgU8zfxDrqdII9g_6hb_U1n-]

Stay home and stay safe, everyone.
The total $0.03/share in dividends declared is indeed a pleasant surprise, as last FY's dividends totalled only $0.015/share.

Since listing in 1993, Noel Gifts' dividend payout record has been exemplary - even better than most REITs.

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