Intergrated Hui Tong Trading Co Ltd 中经汇通贸易有限公司

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I was recently recommended to invest in crude oil spot trading (原油现货) via the following Hong Kong company. 

Intergrated Hui Tong Trading Co Ltd

CR number: 2338018


To invest in crude oil spot trading, I was advised to transfer my desired capital amount in USD to the following bank account of the abovementioned trading company. 

收款銀行:Hang Seng Bank  Limited   

收款銀行地址:  83 Des Voeux  Road Central,Hong  Kong .   





As I am a Singaporean, I have no extensive knowledge of the abovementioned trading company. I am also currently permanently located in Singapore.

Could anybody help to verify if this trading company is licensed and authorised to facilitate spot trading of crude oil for its clients? What credit rating is currently given to this company? Are the abovementioned bank account details of the company accurate? What kind of protection is put in place to safeguard the deposits of Singaporean investors in the event that the trading company goes bankrupt or go bust? 

I had been liaising with a broker named 刘海明 who is supposedly working for the abovementioned financial company. I am not assured if the broker is licensed to represent the company in crude oil spot trading.

I just want a peace of mind to know that this company is indeed accredited and the broker is indeed working in the company before I proceed with the spot trading investment with this company. 

I am also an amateur in crude oil spot trading. What are the risks involved?

Please advise me accordingly

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