Punggol’s Next Phase of Development

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In line with the key thrusts of HDB’s Roadmap, HDB also unveiled the next chapter of Punggol’s development. Punggol executive condo includes The Terrace EC and Amore EC , Waterwoods EC. Some of these new plans include the:

a) Newest seafront public housing development in the new Northshore District
b) Expansion of the town centre into the new “Punggol Downtown”
c) Creation of a “Green Heart” and “Green Fingers” for an even greener Punggol
d) Transformation of the existing Old Punggol Road into a Heritage Trail, which will also be pedestrian friendly and closed to vehicular traffic

Punggol – The Next Phase of Development

Today, Punggol is at its halfway development mark. Besides being the largest developer, HDB is also the master planner of Singapore’s public housing estates. Working together with partner agencies such as URA, NParks, LTA and PUBHDB’s vision for the next phase of Punggol’s development will be guided by five new key ideas:

a) Signature Waterfront Housing Districts
b) Punggol Downtown: A New Destination for the North-East Region
c) An Even Greener Punggol
d) Great Places for the Community
e) Moving Around Punggol

(A) Signature Waterfront Housing Districts

The next phase of development in Punggol will see signature waterfront housing districts, each with its own distinct character, created to give residents a stronger sense of attachment to their neighbourhoods. This is also in line with the HDB Roadmap’s first key thrust to develop Well-Designed towns.
6Punggol residents can look forward to seven different waterfront housing districts – Waterway East and Waterway West Districts which are currently already under development and new areas at Northshore District, Matilda District, Punggol Point District, Crescent District, and Canal District. Of which, the Northshore and Matilda districts are likely to start development first within the next five years, subject to demand.

Northshore District

The Northshore District to the north of Punggol Town will feature Singapore’s newest seafront public housing. This is also where Punggol will soon find its tallest residential buildings. HDB will explore new building forms which integrate with better designed precinct gardens and garden forecourts.

A neighbourhood shopping centre with a linear mall will draw residents and visitors to the waterfront esplanade with a view to the Straits of Johor. Besides the prospect of a unique seafront living experience, these high-rise residential developments will also be directly linked to nearbyLRT station via second-storey pedestrian walkways. This provides seamless connectivity and convenience for residents.

Matilda District

Along Punggol’s western waterfront would be the Matilda District. The landscape and architecture of this housing district could draw inspiration from the rich history of the area.

(B) Punggol Downtown: A New Destination for the North-East Region

As the Punggol community grows, the town centre will be further expanded into the new “Punggol Downtown”. There will be more civic spaces, such as the Punggol Town Square, as well as mixed uses to introduce greater vibrancy into the new downtown area.

Some of the new plans include introducing a waterfront Market Village bordering on the south of the Coney Channel, a Learning Corridor designated to house future educational institutions, as well as a Creative Cluster, designed to host new commercial activities.

Residents can look forward to the new Punggol Downtown as the vibrant new destination for the North-East region where they can live, work, play and learn.

© An Even Greener Punggol

Even as Punggol urbanises and develops, residents at Punggol can look forward to a greener town. More green parks and green corridors will be integrated with the waterfront promenades. As HDB’s first Eco-Town, Punggol continues to serve as a good platform for the pursuit of green initiatives and sustainable solutions. This is in line with our Roadmap’s second thrust to develop sustainable towns.

The existing My Waterway@Punggol and the Punggol Waterway Park will be enhanced, with green spaces expanding towards the north. Collectively, these open spaces, in which the town centre, sports complex and Learning Corridor are located, will form the “Green Heart” of Punggol.

Emanating from the Green Heart towards the Coastal Promenade and the park in Coney Island would be “Green Fingers” – green linear corridors that can be used for recreational activities such as jogging, cycling and brisk walking. One of the main “Green Fingers” would be the Old Punggol Road, which will be kept as a linear 1.5km long Heritage Trail for all to enjoy leisurely strolls, jogging and cycling amidst lush greenery. The road will be closed off to vehicular traffic.

(D) Great Places for the Community

As Punggol moves forward in the development of its “hardware”, the importance of building cohesive and resilient communities is not forgotten. In line with the third thrust of HDB’s Roadmap to develop community-centric towns, more civic and recreational spaces will be created to provide the physical setting for community gatherings and events. For instance, a new Town Square will be developed in the heart of Punggol town, in addition to more community facilities and a new hawker centre for residents.

(E) Moving Around Punggol

As we witness Punggol’s development unfold and the community grow, there is a need to improve the connectivity within Punggol. The transport infrastructure will be enhanced, and cycling tracks will be built in tandem with new roads to encourage clean commute.

Moving Forward
These are HDB’s vision and masterplan for Punggol’s next development phase for the next five to 15 years and beyond. Within the shorter term of over the next five years, we can expect to see some public housing projects being launched in the Matilda and Northshore Districts. More details will be available closer to the actual launches.
Residents can look forward to more recreational spaces and commercial amenities such as a new sports complex, a Horse Riding Centre, and a hawker centre. Community interaction will also be enhanced with the upcoming Punggol Town Square and a Community Club where residents can gather and organise local community events.

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