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I don't understand, why would anyone subscribe to the rights when they can buy from the open market at a lower price?
(26-09-2019, 10:29 PM)BRT Wrote: yeah its damn weird. im damn puzzled. ive some at 11c. wonder how market is going to react.

Refer to the links.  The response from Trendlines to the "unusual" pricing of rights issue.
The board claims that the rights issue is to satisfy those who want to buy in bulk.
useful query and useful reply, thanks. it;s actually quite helpful if companies get queried regularly like half yearly haha.
CEO of Trendlines Agrifood Fund, Nitza Kardish PhD., and four portfolio companies, namely Hargol™ FoodTech Ltd., ViAqua Therapeutics Ltd., AquiNovo Ltd., and Biofishency Ltd., will present at the Israel Singapore Agri-Food Exchange happening on 3-4 February 2021.

AquiNovo develops proprietary, non-GMO, non-hormonal, specialty feed additives that increase fish yield and revenues whilst improving fish feed utilization leading to a reduction in feed cost. The value proposition for fish farms is thus higher fish yields at an increased profit. First products target tilapia (second largest farmed fish for human consumption) and future products will target additional species such as salmon, carp and shrimp. AquiNovo will sell its products to feed producers to be incorporated into their feed and sold to fish farms.

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