Stanford extends free tuition to more middle-class students - See more at: http://new

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truly first world equal opportunity

Some middle-class students fortunate enough to have been accepted to Stanford University this year just got US$180,000 (S$243,081.00) worth of more good news: Their tuition is being waived.

Any undergraduate admitted to the class of 2019 who comes from a family with an annual income below US$125,000 won't have to pay tuition, the school announced last week. Previously, the cutoff for free tuition was US$100,000 in family income.
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It's like a scholarship award, Smile
Think singapore also offer a lot of these scholarships, just that most of the time, singaporean kids does not make the grade, when compared to other asians' countries' kids.

at least that was what i was told.. Big Grin

Dun flame me pls! hard truths?! Tongue
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2) Do NOT SELL in BEAR, BUY-BUY-BUY! invest in managements/companies that does the same!
3) CASH in hand is KING in BEAR! 

1,651 undergraduate degrees awarded in 2014. Around 90% are local.
There are around 4 million US citizens in one age cohort.

0.04% of the the cohort size.

Even if we have added up the top 20 universities in US, I doubt it is anywhere near 5% and not all of them get free education.
I was curious about the context of the figures and here are some interesting stuff that I have gleaned:

Student Budget
Budget Item 2015–2016 Academic Year
Tuition 45,729
Room and Board 14,107
Campus Health Service Fee 591
Books and Supplies 1,425
Personal Expenses 2,625
Travel Varies
Total $64,477

1. Stanford University will provide free tuition to parents of students who earn less than $125,000 per year — and if they make less than $65,000, they won't have to contribute to room and board costs, either..(even if one has a free tuition, the other expenses amount to almost $20k)
2. Students are still expected to pay $5,000 toward college costs from summer earnings and working part-time while enrolled in college.
3. The announcement is an expansion of Stanford's old financial aid policy, which previously applied to students from families making less than $100,000 per year.
4. In 2010, the university's director of financial aid said the median family income at Stanford was around $125,000. (Since this scheme will be effective only 2019, I take it to mean that approx 30% - 40% qualifies).
5. On the other hand, only 14 percent of entering freshmen (in Stanford) got federal Pell Grants in 2012, which typically go to students from families making less than $50,000 per year. Nationally, 41 percent of undergrads received Pell Grants. (This implies that Stanford University undergrads come from a more privileged background)

Note: Comments in parenthesis are mine.

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