Friction among remisiers comes to light

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Friction among remisiers comes to light

SINGAPORE (Jan 12): An ugly dispute is rearing its head at the Society of Remisiers (Singapore), which has represented the interests of its member remisiers since 1986.

According to a press statement released by Vincent Khoo, a remisier with OCBC Securities, the SRS has decided to review his membership. In a letter addressed to Khoo, and forwarded by him to The Edge Singapore, SRS president Jimmy Ho alleges that Khoo has brought disrepute to the society. Ho confirmed that the letter is genuine but declined to comment.

In the letter, Ho rebukes Khoo for writing letters to the expressing views that are in opposition to those of SRS.

“Your rebuttal of points raised by the SRS is viewed to be deliberate and calibrated to belittle, discredit and run down the integrity and standing of the SRS,” the letter says.

Khoo, however, argues that his letters are written “in my own personal capacity and not in my capacity as member of SRS and my letters did not identify me as such. As a member of the public, I may have views which are diametrically opposite to those of SRS.”

Khoo has written many letters to the press over the past year on various issues including the role of remisiers, equity market trading volumes and proposed regulation by the authorities.
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