Dividends and taxes calculation for US stocks

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Dividends and taxes calculation for US stocks

Anyone can advise on the calculations on dividend and taxes for US stocks?

If I have $100 USD of dividend, how much will I finally get? Lets say I am using interactive brokers,

There is some tax treaty W8Ben form that I already signed that allows me to avoid this tax right?

How about REITs? REITs structure are tax exempt right?
US withholding tax for non-resident or non-citizen is charged at flat 28% rate:

So, if you have US$100 gross dividend, you will only get back a nett of US$72 after deducting the 28% flat withholding tax. As far as I know, Singapore does not have any tax treaty with USA based on the information provided when you fill-up W8BEN.
Shld be 30% on dividends.

No capital gains tax. No tax treaty.

REITs exempt corporate tax. REITs dividends to you still taxed.
Note the inheritance tax which is extremely punitive to foreign non-residents.
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For US citizens and residents, the application to Federal estate tax is exempted for the first US$5.34 Mil in the deceased person's estate.

For non-resident aliens, the exemption is only on the first $60,000 .

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