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Hi all,
So you hv any portfolio strategy & personal rules/guideline to share?

Personally mine is as below:
1) Speculative (30%)
- take profit after 50-100% gain, left profit to catch remaining run up
- cut loss rules apply

2) Dividend (40%)
- only solid co with gd track record
- just ride the whole mkt trend till the big bear comes along

3) Defensive (30%)
- A$ FD, accumulate when below LT av
- keep in CPF
40% Stable Cash generating, dividend company
30% High growth company
30% Cash (will be fully invested when opportunity arises).
personally mine is all dividend producing. non speculative.

i got this trouble of straying from my old plan to auto invest in the same counter. ie now i have intention to buy into new counters which also produce dividends.

not sure this is good or not.
My portfolio guidelines,

Currently ~70% vested in high dividend yielding & high % net cash companies.

Cash level adjusted according to STI index level, the higher the STI goes the more loaded is the elephant gun.

Add to portfolio only on down days and lighten on up days.

Not more than 10 stocks..
Virtual currencies are worth virtually nothing.
DW Portfolio guidelines:

1) No S-Chips

2) No shipping

3) No airlines

4) No speculative penny stocks
My Dividend Investing Blog
Mine is Value Investing in Growth Companies. I like companies with clear vision of growth. When my money grows enough, I'll buy property in my homeland for investment to generate more cash. Then repeat step 1. [emoji106]
Time to roll!!!
(09-09-2014, 12:18 AM)BlueKelah Wrote: Cash level adjusted according to STI index level, the higher the STI goes the more loaded is the elephant gun.

I like this buddy. Being prepared. Then I assume you will dump in again when the inevitable happens.
Time to roll!!!
I thought I will pen down mine for self reference and to make clear my ideas.

1. Investment starts with the self. I am a 30+ male office worker targeting retirement around 55-60, and slowly pare my stocks as I get older. Looking for super long term (10,20,30,40) investment since I can easily afford this timeframe.
2. With above in mind, I seek only quality companies that I believe will grow past 10 years. no usain bolt, but players who can outlast an ultramarathon.
3. No companies in ultracompetitive or sunset industries. Transport, construction, manufacturing are avoided.
4. Exceptions to above if company possess unique advantage, or redefines its place in industry. E.g. Comfortdelgro is a financing company for taxis. Boustead has geospatial arm which is fairly unique in regional market.
5. Most time, I look at good cash, cashflow and profit margins > 10%. In a market with excess cash, too many companies are taking debts. Could be a black swan. Ultimately cash is still king.
6. Avoid supercycle stocks since experience from buying olam. These stocks are contrary to my investment objectives.
7. Good Healthcare, luxury, hospitality stocks are key in my portfolio.
8. Spread portfolio with 1 counter having no more than 20% of holdings, no one industry having more than 40% of holdings, and the business locations of the stocks to be well diversified into Sg, ap, cn, and ww.
9. Stick to a no-sell approach as much as possible. Have only sold twice till date.
10. Fundamentals are more important to me than whether a stock is growth or dividend. Even for dividend stock, I expect share price to grow over time. Imo this is a hallmark of a good company with healthy market interest.
11. Agm attended can make or break a holding for me. I try to pick up what is being said and what is not being said, and make decisions accordingly.

(work in progress, 9 sep 2014)
Any strategy in accordance to understanding yourself should make you money.

1) Rule # 1, do not lose money.
2) Rule # 2, refer to # 1.
3) Not until you can manage your emotions, you can manage your money.

Truism of Investments.
A) Buying a security is buying RISK not Return
B) You can control RISK (to a certain level, hopefully only.) But definitely not the outcome of the Return.

My signature is meant for psychoing myself. No offence to anyone. i am trying not to lose money unnecessary anymore.
Portfolio Direction

1. No S-Chips
2. Reduce Property or Shipping
3. About 40% Fixed or Structured
4. REIT: Mainly Retail/Medical
5. Selected SMEs for Growths
5. Selected Blue for Strong/Stable Dividends.

Just my Diary


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