Two jailed for cheating elderly of $440K

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SINGAPORE - Two Chinese nationals who were part of a group of five who cheated two elderly folk of their life savings, amounting to nearly $440,000, were jailed on Thursday. Li Lianying, 50, was given four years and 10 months on two charges, while Li Peng, 45, was jailed for three years and five months on one count. They had admitted to scheming with Li Cai Hong, 45, Li Lian Ying, 40, and Li Tu Wang, 43, to deceiving Madam Goh Kah Keow, 72, of cash and jewellery totalling $401,450 at Roxy Square in East Coast Road on Nov 20 last year. They had also cheated Madam Chua Peck Har, 66, of cash and jewellery totalling $37,550 at People's Park Complex on Nov 19. - See more at:

Are these 2 on social visit pass or they are PR here ?
There are more similar stories around Singapore. This one involved a volunteer from a senior activity centre, and a very sad story.

The Gay got 42 weeks, much lower than the case in previous post.

I had trusted him as a friend

SINGAPORE - The 80-year-old man cheated of his life savings by a volunteer from a senior activity centre said he handed over his ATM card because he considered the man to be a friend.

"I trusted him as a friend because he has been around the centre for the last seven years and often helped us buy lunch or snacks," said Mr Sai Bee Cheng in Mandarin.

"He seemed to be an upright person and I didn't suspect anything," said Mr Sai, who can be found at Sunlove Senior Activity Centre in Marsiling every morning.

On Friday, Gay was sentenced to 42 weeks in jail for stealing a total of $24,520 from Mr Sai's savings account, leaving only $2.69 behind.
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