Turkish PM Rattling really shock me

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Quite shocked to see a head of state, rattling off a list of mine accidents worldwide dated like in 1940s, 1950s ... for like 15 min (no joke but that was what it feels like) in a press conference when a journalist asked him a normal question of the recent mine accident in the country.

Never knew A PM can go so low and caliber so bad. How he get voted to that position is really puzzling.

"Erdogan made a bad situation worse by going to Soma on Wednesday and rattling off a long list of deadly mining accidents elsewhere, going back to 19th-century Britain, before declaring: “Such things happen.”"


Just my Diary

By the way you have to see the Video yourself unfortunately i cannot find it for you to watch.

Just my Diary

Turkish Mining Disaster: Was Corruption To Blame?

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