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DIY Investment in Hang Seng Index
08-05-2014, 07:57 PM.
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DIY Investment in Hang Seng Index
I am here to introduce one way to earn some quick cash by providing a platform to invest in Hang Seng Index.

Initial Capital   = USD 2,000
Commission    = USD 0
Per Index Point = USD 1
Spread = 5 points
Platform = MetaTrader 4

So how can one invest and earn some quick cash? It works very similar with forex. For example, the current index is 23,000. An investor believes the index will rise and so he buys 0.1 lot (which costs USD 100). When the index rises to 23,500 he closes the lot. The difference in points is 500 and it is USD 1 per point so the investor has earned USD 500. This is also a two way trading. For example, if the index is 23,000 and the investor believes that the index will fall, he can sell 0.2 lot. Now the index falls until 29,000. He closes his lot and he has now earned USD 200 (100 points X 2).

Initial capital also works as a safety measure. Investors can choose to purchase or sell 0.1 lot for 100 USD. For example if investors only have 100 USD in their account and when they lose 10 points, they are left with 90 USD. Thus, they are unable to do another transaction.

Of course, the logic is simple. However, it takes a lot of practice and reading regarding price action, hang seng index, trade indicators, hong kong stock news, and etc to be good in trading.

Therefore, I am able to provide a free demo version if anyone is interested.
By the way, this is not a fraud. I am honestly just introducing a method to earn some side income. If you think you can buy a house or BMW using this method, you are WRONG. You still need to work hard in your day job. I repeat this is just a way to earn some quick cash.

If you want the demo version to try before you invest (and I strongly suggest you tried it out in the demo version first), please pm me or drop me an email at

Happy trading!!

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