2 arrested in rare case of kidnapping in Singapore

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(10-01-2014, 01:49 PM)specuvestor Wrote: Singapore neo-British legal system, though not perfect and pro establishment, is not silly or senseless

It just destroy the poster's credibility rather than the govt

But all these events that had not been happening in past 20 years from flood to riot, will have a serious cascading negative perception

U mean omens for 改朝换代? 'Mandate' is lost. 洪水猛兽 妖魔鬼怪 all come out.
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I am usually optimistic but
when I read this/your post...
I had a chill ...
shooting down my spine...

Remind myself: life is short, play hard
Do the right things. Do things right.


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I guess they didn't manage to spend any of the ransom money?

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