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In 1995, I was a young engineer working in a 3 letters MNC.

One day, China branch requested for escalation assistance.
Specifically, they requested for a Singaporean who can speak Chinese.

Next day, I flew into Beijing and checked into a Hotel near airport.
I had the entire day to myself as China office will only contact me the following day. fun fun fun. Live is good!

A young engineer (about my age) knocked on my door before lunch.
He introduced himself and asked me to check out of the hotel.
We are not staying in Beijing but going to Westlake.

But, I had not book the air ticket and I'm not ready to go.

"Don't worry, you will be taken care by me. You just need to follow me. ok?", the engineer says.

He turn out to be not a normal engineer. He is more like a PA (personal assistance) type. He is very well verse... like a butler...

We reached airport and took the next flight out...
BTW, the airplane model is called T154... which is a Russia made plane and aptly served by Russian air stewardess.
You also don't believed it.
When the plane is about to land, those seats that's not occupied by anyone will fall in front... pom, pom, pom!
Very scary... (this is 1995 in China, let me remind you)

We checked into the hotel and spend 3 days in Westlake.
Everyday, the engineer will knock on my door, bring me to breakfast, sightseeing, lunch, more sightseeing and dinner and more sightseeing.

Only one day that I need to visit the customer site...
and guess what, it was summer time and shortage of electric city aka the customer office was so hot and humid.

Luckily, I just need to show my face once onsite.

So, curious VB reader will ask, what's the problem? what's this escalation all about?

I tell you, this is a bank.
For past 2 months, all the Westlake branches is transmitting garbage to the HQ machines.
Nobody know what's the cause of the problem.

Why am I needed?
Oh, Beijing HQ is sending down a 秘书 (on second thought he should be 秘书长) to investigate.
So, my China branch needs someone from Singapore to show that they are working hard to solve the problem.

Frankly speaking, I did not meet the 秘书长. I suspect my present is sufficient proof that everyone is working hard on solving the problem.
Big Grin world-peace.

I also found out that the #1 man of HangZhou (where Westlake is in) aka the boss every morning will go to the 秘书长 hotel and accompany him for breakfast, lunch and dinner too.
So, this 秘书长 is really a big shot!

Any way, the best things in Westlake (other than the scenery) will be the beauties that grow up by drinking it's water.

[Image: c130bf2b2876ca6d9cdbc148de42c9bc.jpg]
picture from sina.com

Now, I'm a full time property agent.
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heard the west lake was badly damaged by the recent torrential rain and typhoon
now probably not as nice as before
nice, I've also been to westlake in the winter period - but didn't see any tall beauties around Tongue

let me jog my memory a little, usually garbage is network related probably related to noise aka electronic interference

or maybe cause by solar flare that year in 1995, electronic equipment have been known to give strange problems whenever solar flare occurs.
winter time is not a good time to go sight-seeing...
but, if you have a chance to see the snow then it's another good experience thou.

[Image: u=610765691,891502346&fm=21&gp=0.jpg]
Picture taken from baidu.com

“孤山不孤,断桥不断,长桥不长” - this is my favourite phase because it's contradiction aka beyond logic.

Panist, my friend,
Exactly what I feel... our Gaia is sick... very sick indeed.
While it tries to correct itself, we should do our part to make it easy to heal itself.

Also, our life is really short, we need to make full use of our transient life on earth.

Go travel... go do what you wanted in life.

As for me, I wanted to be a property agent and I become one...
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Hi Chia,
Wish you a successful career as a housing agent after HP. Will be in contact with you if service is required.
All the best.
I feel warm... VI.
Appreciate your kindness and willing to give me a chance.
You'll not regret to get me to represent you in the showflat.

As the Chinese saying: 上有天堂 下有苏杭.
which is a flattery to compare SuZhou & HungZhou (especially Westlake) to heaven.

I completely agree... scenary, beauties and also food.

My butler is very mature as exhibited by the care and thoughtfulness that he shower on me... love, tender, care.

By any standard, he is no less than a local tour guide and my job is to express my satisfaction on his services.

My wish is his command - I felt like in cloud 9 with his presence.

"Is there anything exotic to eat?", I asked.
"Yes, of course. Have you tried our 臭豆腐 (Fermented Beancurd)?", my butler asked?
"Not yet.", I replied.
"Sure. Let's get some for tasting after proper lunch. ok?"

After completed my 8 course lunch, there comes my 臭豆腐.
I tell you, you'll never order this dish.
It smells exactly like sh*t!
My butler immediately alerted by my frown.
He apologies and wave to the waitress to remove it.
"No, no, no. I wanted to try. I asked for it!", I quickly interrupted.
"Ok, please."
My butler took over the dish from the waitress and hold it with both hands... as if any sign of upset from me, he will move the dish away.

I hold my breath, and pinch half of the 臭豆腐 and shaft it into my mouth.
"mmm..., mmmmmm...., fantastic!", I thought/talk to myself.

"ok, ok. Put it down. You should have some too.", I smiled.
"Sure, thank you.", my butler complied.

You see, although the 臭豆腐 smell like sh*t,
once you eat some, you won't mind the smell.
In fact, after you eat one mouth, the smell gone away!

Great, isn't it? Try some next time.

(on second thought, could it be that after eating, you also smell the same that's why you could not tell the different between the smell of 臭豆腐 and yourself? If this is true, then better go toilet and brush up before going out. Smile

[Image: 19300001299911131121329899202.jpg]

picture from http://hangzhou.baike.com/article-42943.html

enjoy... Love and Compassions
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