Baby boy found dead in sea off Bedok Jetty: Mum charged with murder

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Police have arrested Lim Ann Nee, 44, the mother of the 17-month-old baby boy whose body was found floating in the sea near Bedok Jetty.

According to The Straits Times, she was charged in court yesterday afternoon, Nov 26, for murder. The offence carries the death penalty.

Both mother and child were not clothed when found, reports MyPaper.

The toddler's grandfather said that they had gone for a walk in the park on Monday, Nov 25, when the mishap happened. The mother was found struggling in the sea, but then taken to shore safely by paramedics.

She was sent to the Singapore General Hospital for treatment.

The toddler was found at Bedok Jetty three hours later, and pronounced dead on scene.

This is one of three mishaps in Singapore's coasts in the recent days, including the case of a Vietnamese man who drowned after swimming with friends at East Coast Park, and an SIM student who disappeared while padde-boarding at Changi.

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