Madoff son found dead in NYC in apparent suicide

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Frankly maybe I shouldn't post this up cos this is pretty irrelevant to investment but I felt it does involves a huge scandal in the financial sector.

One man's greed lead to his loved one demise. Even though Mark may be involved as an accompliance in his father shadow dealings (or may not), it betrays the lack of courage in him and perhaps in alot of us out there.

Would we have the courage to do the right thing at the right time? Or would our seven sins consume our very soul and conscious when nobody is looking.


Thanks, I read the full news article on The Guardian. It's really a tragedy that Bernie's son had succumbed to the stress and allegations and decided to end it this way.

My Value Investing Blog:
Nature has a strange way of repaying what you have hit you in the most painful spot by taking out on your loved ones.
My view is that if Madoff can do what he did to ten and thousands of people, then the death of his son may not bother him as much as many of us would believe.

In fact, a recent program I watched on CNBC that gives an insight of Madoff behind bars suggests he is quite enterprising even behind bars.

OT a bit, the American Greed series showing on CNBC is an excellent program which I would recommend all to watch. If you know some of the scams, maybe you will be more informed when someone tries to scam you.
Is it worth it? :O

Only Madoff knows...
1) Try NOT to LOSE money!
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