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2nd Oct 2013 Wednesday
I had just touch down at Jakarta airport.
Instead of go for my usual bluebird, I took a unknown taxi.

There was a security force temporary block off the front entrance of the arrival hall (which in term block off the bluebird).

Wasting no time, I just jump into a taxi waiting at it's stand.

3rd Oct 2013 Thursday
It's 8pm and my host walked me from my hotel to Pacific Plaza... next to Ritz Carlton... looking for food.

After circulating up a few floor with no restaurant in sight... I saw Crystal Jade.
The huge display menu gives me some ideas.

I still have plenty of time, so I continue my search...

{Last week, while preparing for my trip, I read "The Miele GUIDE - Asia's Finest Restaurants 2013" and it recommended a few restaurants that I want to visit in this trip}

Then I saw this Red color character "鼎“ at the far corner of the blocks... Yes, by chance, I had found one here.

Extract from The Miele Guide:
This temple to the art of the xiaolongbao (steamed meat and broth-filled dumplings) has branches all over the world, but it is at is Indonesian outlets that things have taken an interesting turn. Here, the signature xiaolongbao are not made with pork, as is the case elsewhere, but with minced chicken. Purists may be aghast at this development, but they really needn't worry. The dumplings' delicate skin still encases a wonderfully fragrant 'soup' that oozes out at the first bite, and the fillings are still obsessively good.

[Image: IMG_4899.JPG]
Picture googled from internet.
Live with Passion, Lead with Compassion
Excellent pictures on Indonesia Borobudur for your pleasure:

[Image: 2345968015_d6996c42db.jpg]

I asked an elderly heart doctor: what's the most important things in life?

He smiled and reply immediately: peace in heart, able to sleep well.

Wish our Value Buddies all the best.

Heart Love Compassion
感恩 26 April 2019 Straco AGM ppt
Dear value buddies, 
I am very grateful for all the help that you had given me.
If I had unknowingly offended you, please forgive me.

Selamat Hari Ray Puasa:
[Image: main.jpg?ext=.jpg]

I was early for my appointment.
My client had left his office.
I look at my watch it's noon time in Jakarta.

I summon up my courage and wonder into the streets - looking for food.

Pizza hut - no, not for me.
Restaurant - no, not today, something light please.
I continue to wonder around the streets until I stand in front of a big mirror.

There are some food menu some where and I wanted to take a closer look.

Suddenly, the mirror swing asides and two girls wearing traditional costume greeted me happily.

I smiles back and follow them inside. (still don't know what's the food they serve.)

Seated and immediately, a waiter carrying a large tray starts to deposit his plates on my table.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven - row 1.
eight, nine, ten, eleven, ..... - row 2 
and then continue stacking a third row on top of the the bottom 2 rows.

You got the idea?
Many many plates without I order anything.

Well, when in Rome, do what the Rome did.

I scout around and noticed that most of the customers were uniformed.
Police? more like military or at least looks like.

Most use fingers and some use folks especially for messy foods.

I know what to do but the variety is too much for me.

After the most filling lunch, I walked to the entrance to pay my bill.
I saw a lot of chilli tapioca chips in transparent packaging, likely home made.
Each is about 1 kg.
You can buy some if you see them... it's really nice.

Meanwhile, sit back and relax:
感恩 26 April 2019 Straco AGM ppt
hi chialc88,
Just in case, u didnt know - you don't have the finish all the plates in this nasi padang setting! Smile
They will only charge you for what you decide to eat (there are some weird cow's inner parts which one would definitely not wanna touch in the first place)
(24-08-2014, 01:34 PM)chialc88 Wrote: Excellent pictures on Indonesia Borobudur for your pleasure:

[Image: 2345968015_d6996c42db.jpg]

I asked an elderly heart doctor: what's the most important things in life?

He smiled and reply immediately: peace in heart, able to sleep well.

Wish our Value Buddies all the best.

Heart Love Compassion
Totally Agree.

"心 术 不 正"

Wantanmera liu!

1) Rule # 1, do not lose money.
2) Rule # 2, refer to # 1.
3) Not until you can manage your emotions, you can manage your money.

Truism of Investments.
A) Buying a security is buying RISK not Return
B) You can control RISK (to a certain level, hopefully only.) But definitely not the outcome of the Return.

My signature is meant for psychoing myself. No offence to anyone. i am trying not to lose money unnecessary anymore.
T, Nasi Goreng Pak?

Indonesia is a great place to travel.

Simply hop on to a ferry in Vivo City and you're already in Batam.

A bit further, just take a quick organised tour to Lake Toba via Medan.

Exotic Bali is merely 2.5 hours away.
If you're already in airport, no problem at all.
We have 16 flights daily flying directly into Denpasar.
(imagine those Ang Moh have to fly 15 to 20 hours just to holiday in Bali  Angel )

Well, if you're adventurous enough and willing to DIY,
just book a tour guide with a small van, 
you can tour the entire Java island for weeks without hurting your pockets.

Sumartra a little bit difficult and would be better reserved for flying holidays.

As I step into my taxi about to return back to Singapore.

The loud voice of the taxi driver gives me a shock.

I close my door and shout back at the top of my voice,

He turn back his head and look at me 
with a strange expression on his face.

Then he smile and pointing to his ear-phone.
He is on the line with his friend.

Enjoy... life is beautiful, isn't it?
感恩 26 April 2019 Straco AGM ppt
How safe is Indonesia for foreign non-muslim travelers. if your get robbed of your money , credit and passport, who will help you ?
Good morning, valuebuddies.
We just need to be careful and pay extra attentions to our surrounding.
Even, in our home (country).


This morning, I arrived early at my client place in Sudirman.

It's too early and need to find a place to wait.

A few restaurants, Starbucks and a small park.
Where should I go?

A sense of lost come into my mind.

Let me just walk.

I walk pass the air conditioned Starbucks (too cool).
I walk thru and into the car park.
Mmm... someone walking in front of me turning left.

I follow the direction and saw a small glass door opening into a small eatery.
Sure, it looks like an old Singapore style canteen...
very familiar.

I queue behind and observe the person in front of my queue.

No problem at all.

This is a noodle shops and seems like they only selling one dish...
..... magi noodles

"Satu, makan." 
I paid about US$1 and had the most traditional meal you can get everywhere in the world (including Japan).

A warm, nice bowl of magi noodle with a few veg topped up with a half cook sunny egg.

It's so nice that for a moment, I forgotten about everything...
..... except indulge in a great feast.
[Image: 20130301_1326522.jpg] 

My dear Soros,
The world is not in the book or map, 
it's out there.

The home is behind you,
the world is ahead - Hobbit
感恩 26 April 2019 Straco AGM ppt

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