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(31-05-2024, 12:21 PM)weijian Wrote: Centurion's customers are not very happy that accommodation costs have increased, with Nordic Group as an example, believing that the cost increases will work itself out in due time. Nonetheless, "hope" is not a good thing to depend on though.

Hi weijian,

I beg to differ with Nordic Group's view. Costs is a function of revenue. As your revenue increases, you should expect higher costs. Increasing productivity and automation should be factors that needs to be considered before doing acquisitions to increase revenue, and not after.

Frankly speaking, their issues is mainly due to their many acquisitions done during a short period of time. All these businesses need time to integrate their processes and systems back into the group to be cost efficient. Initial bump in revenue and profit had gone, now it is back to the price to be paid for doing fast revenue bump up through acquisitions.
Yes...another big one coming out in Dec 2024 by........Centurion


99% (365 days in a year) occupancy meant one who signed up for one year and decides to vacate after the duration will see his bed slot quickly filled by another one within 4 days.

Policy is also helping with the demand...employer can get approval faster and also as an employer you do not need to worry about the 'hanky panky' if you place your workers in dorm...


(31-05-2024, 12:21 PM)weijian Wrote: We are hoping that there will be more dormitories built in the course of the next 12-18 months, which should decrease dormitory costs.

Nordic Grp AGM MoM
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Boss bought 20m shares...
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