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I was reminded about Hero Square yesterday.

Fond memories of Hero Square surprisingly is not just the sculpture, status and buildings but a group of Gypsy or Red India musician like these:

Look at their feet, look at their dance, look at them.
For a moment, I had lost in trance.

And, this one, initially got a bit distracted.
But, as you watch more, you'll feel their HEART and SOUL... performing not to any audience but to the greatness of music...
Too bad, the video is cut-off, you'll meet them one day.


Enjoy, Budapest Hero Square:
[Image: Budapest-Hero-Square-column-6585.jpg]
Yes, I'm proudly to know about Singapore Lorong Boy.

The start is a bit weak, but after 1", it takes a turn.

Of course, my best starts at 3" Viva la vida - coldplay

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Wow talented and with a heart to make ppl happy. Salute!

Using Tapatalk
You too.
Have you been in Europe? Do you prefers backpacking or join a tour?

Live with Passion, Lead with Compassion
感恩 26 April 2019 Straco AGM ppt  https://valuebuddies.com/thread-2915-pos...#pid152450
Goh Eng Yeow
2013 Sept - Zagreb and Adriatic coast
2014 May - Prague, Budapest and Vienna

Next trip - Finland

"I should have revisited Europe sooner for reasons other than ancient castles and beautiful vistas - appealing as they are.
Doing so might have offered me valuable insights into Europe's markets and enabled me to ignore some of the alarming reports."

What ever reason it is, go with your heart go!
EY had made his choice, and you?

Heart Love Compassion

Earth day - save the world everyday.
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Good morning valuebuddies.

Another beautiful day had just begin.
[Image: st_20171008_eylife08_3468330-1536x2048.jpg]

With the recent passing of his father, 
EY put a full stop to his column.

He is moving ahead to kick start his new project.

All the while, EY knows exactly what is his passion.

Unfortunately, he kept doing things inside his comfort zone.

This time is different!

After reading the last paragraph of his final post,
do you think that he is bullish or bearish?

This will be my final column and 

I am glad that I am leaving the newspaper 
with the market on the upswing.

During the previous Year of the Dog in 2006, 
the STI hit fresh record-breaking levels.

History may yet repeat itself with the 
approaching Year of the brown earth Dog.

For a million $$$, are you going to keep waiting for the market to crash?
If not, what are you going to do with your cash hordes?
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Good morning valuebuddies.

Time flies like an arrow.

Another hectic week had passed.

Looking forward to another cool week ahead.

Just relaxing..

I have no problem in finding the office.
It's well sign-posted.

I'm too early.

The receptionist says that the bnb owner is not in yet.

She directed me to nearby hawker center.

It's a 2 storeys building and the food court is at the 2nd floor.
Ground floor is like a dry market (and basement wet market)

A lot of people.

I am holding my Hungarian lunch on a tray.

Look and look.

No empty table.

No choice, must share seat.

Munch, munch, munch.

While munching, my table-mate try to chit-chat with me.

Unfortunately, she don't speaks English. (and of course Mandarin too).

She is from Catalonia.

I says Spain?

She says no.  She is proud to be a Catalan and definitely not Spain.

Catalonia is a rich state and they generate a lots of $$$.

Spain took a lot of $$$ from they are not happy.

[Image: Budapest_Great_Market_Hall.jpg] 

Not sure why, but instantaneously, I missed Singapore.
感恩 26 April 2019 Straco AGM ppt  https://valuebuddies.com/thread-2915-pos...#pid152450
With the key in my hand, 
I walked a few blocks to find my host.

Not too difficult, as the reception gives me a very clear direction.

Open the door and put down my luggage, 
it's time to explore the beautiful city of Budapest.

[Image: experience-erasmus-a-budapest-hongrie-la...ffb679.jpg]

Of course, who cares about the stock market right?

感恩 26 April 2019 Straco AGM ppt  https://valuebuddies.com/thread-2915-pos...#pid152450
Let this be the new MM thread for me.

There are 2 forces working hard at MM.

One force is to buy and another wish to sell.

It's clear that MM is a very illiquid stock.

Until Paul Chew publish his rated report (paid) on MM,
it's enjoying its slow and steady climb.

As you might already listen to Warren Buffett interview above, (if not, click and listen)
MM must demonstrate it's earning and dividend paying power.

Unfortunately, it's a very long process and we need to be patient.

Having says that, MM is a illiquid stock and this is definitely not for speculation.
You should only buy if you don't need the money for the next few years.

Looking at today queues, very soon, it's going to be a 2 foot hurdle to cross.

Looking, searching for my loose change...

Oh, BTW, this is from Fools posted today:

[Image: Magic-Formula-2017-portfolio-results-2.png]

Look at Micro Mechanics and you wonder whether it had already peaked?
感恩 26 April 2019 Straco AGM ppt  https://valuebuddies.com/thread-2915-pos...#pid152450
Is MM already peaked?

I guess this is the main questions everyone is thinking.

For 2 of my favourite bloggers, it's very clear that MM already past their valuation.
Both sold with impressive profits.
And, both are upset and regretted the selling.

A few of my favourite bloggers still holding tight (or at least not mentioned that they had sold out, yet).

Had MM reached their valuation?
I bet it is.

At this moment, my gauge is MM is higher than 1 and 2 foot hurdle.
Some indicators must be clearer before I upgrade it to a 1 foot hurdle.
(I'm anticipating something big.)

Of course, I need to guard against my over-confident.

MM management is very tight-lip when asked specifically on those important indicators.

I wonder why?
Could it be just their prudent nature?
Or, they are really not thinking?

I understand that most people are normal people (like me).
We are here to learn and might not be able to do complex calculation to derive the value of MM.
(in any case, if you do calculate, I am very sure you will conclude that MM is overvalue.)

So, what's the rationale to hold on to MM?
(I really assume that you're vested, otherwise, you are just reading and studying the theory here).

For those normal people who can not do complex calculation,
sure you can read meeting minutes.

The latest (Twenty-First AGM and EGM) you can definitely understand.
Click it and try to be a detective.
What's these MM shareholders trying to poke?
And, most important, who are they?
This year, make sure you apply leave to got to NLB and meet them personally.
I guarantee that you will see the top notch Singapore focus investors turn up for the event.
(they might not ask questions as now they are expecting a lot of people to look out for them.
  very shy one. I hope I'm wrong this time, so that you can witness their exciting and brilliant faces).

#1. AGM

 [Image: Micro108.jpg]

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.pdf   20171030 Twenty-First AGM meeting minutes.pdf (Size: 143.68 KB / Downloads: 4)
.pdf   20171030 EGM meeting minutes.pdf (Size: 87.91 KB / Downloads: 1)
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