Heaviest snow fall - what to do if your car is buried?

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What can you do when your car is covered under heavy snow?

The night before was a little bit scary.
I stood at my balcony, breathing the crispy clear air and enjoying the crimson sun setting on my right.
At the same time, I could hear the loud howling wind coming from my left.
I surveyed the vast mountain range surrounding me and felt so small.
I'm comfortably dressed and treasured this moment that’s given to me.
Life is good!
Life is kind and Life is peace.

I woke up after a good sleep.
I had booked an early breakfast at 9am.
When I walk outside my room to the restaurant, I noticed that my car disappeared!
Instead of my car, there was a huge pile of snow.
Sad face!

My host asked for my preference of drinks and eggs and went into the kitchen preparing my food.
Behind me, the TV was playing some news of flooding in Syria and cyclone in Philippines.
My host returned with breakfast and he chit chat a little bit.
“No, No. The flooding in Syria will not affect us.”
“But, my car is now stuck under a pile of snow!”

I ditched my breakfast and show him the snowy mountain where my car stood.
He use his hand and push…
Holy… the snow fell off like sand dunes.
Then, he went inside and took out a big rubber brush.
Within few minutes, I got back my car.
Easy, Easy.

Of course, I enjoyed my breakfast with sunny side up eggs.

Carpe Diem! Smile
just blush it off.
easy easy.
[Image: car%20cover%20in%20flash%20snow.jpg]
Live with Passion, Lead with Compassion
Kayseri Airport?
of course, this was where I picked up my car.

It was dripping with water when the staff hand-over my key.

Not very clean but acceptable condition.
Turkey...better don't expect too much.

"Erh, may I know if the tyre is already change?"
"Yes, it's winter time.  We had switch to winter tyre two months ago."

"Yes, by the way, this is the snow chain."

"Snow chain. Put on this when you need to drive in heavy snow."

"Erh, ok."

*** never know that I need to use a snow chain.
*** don't bother to learn.
*** I have a more urgent and important issues to deal with.
*** learn how to drive the car safely to my hotel.

Few days later, you read about my stories in the first post of this thread.
My car was 100% covered and it even lost it's shape of a car.

Slowly, I engaged 1st gear and drive towards the gate.
My host is standing outside and guide me along.

He looks at the road and signal me to move off.
Slowly, I engage 2nd gear and 3rd gear and drive (swing) into the main road.

I tell you, you cannot belief.

There is no road.
Everything was covered in white.
You cannot tell where is the road, where is the curb, where is the pedestrain.

Everything is flat.
Everything is levelled.
Everything is white.

And I got a shocked for one second.

Then, I recovered my senses and start to learn.
I see the lamp pole and figure out the shape of the road.
I focused and saw a deep dark black trail left behind by car tyres.
I see hope.

Just follow the trail and I should be safe.

To certain extend, yes. I reached my destination safely.
A big white flat and levelled car park with wolves paws/walking trail on the floor.

I see light and I sold my bwl.

It's definitely greed that propel me to sold:
chuan hup, 

Full of emotions before and after these continuous chain of selling exercise.

Somehow, I have a feeling that it will be tremendous difficulty for me to part with bwl.
I would thought that the few days/weeks before I made my decision to sell my bwl
... emotionally, I will feel... strongly...

But, it's not true.
As I pen down my thought on bwl "export" vs DS posts last night,
I can only sense a slight hesitation... 
my left and right brain is weighing potential gain vs potential risks.

However, before I knock off, I had made up my mind.

Sleep soundly and wake up at 5am to close the window before rain.

Sell order was executed swiftly without emotion.
Everything gone in single trade - just one second.

The grade I give myself: Powerful
Like this powerful song that beaten 费玉清 小幸运 in a contest:

Wish me luck and give me the wisdom to execute immediate my plan.

With bwl out of the way, still need to make a few more sell.
感恩 26 April 2019 Straco AGM ppt  https://valuebuddies.com/thread-2915-pos...#pid152450
“Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy When Others Are Fearful” - WB

So, for a million dollar, are others greedy or are they fearful?

For another million dollar, are you greedy or are you fearful?

I'm definitely motivated by greed.

There are a few good counters that I'm buying:
1. Singapore Shipping Corporation
2. Straco
3. iFast

#1 price should be already climbing up.
     Young Ow already dipped his hand into the honey pot.
     Likely he will continue especially if nobody is snatching from him.
     If he realised that someone is snatching, 2 possibilities:
     a) he will react and collect fast and furious.
     b) he will back off and let the fever die down before collecting again

     I think a) is slightly higher chance as he is young (and more impulsive) 
        and also there is not much time left for him to hold back the fantastic (future) results.

#2 price should remains muted.
     Excellent results but some will says valuation high.
     I placed my bet and will continue to buy more.

#3 price should be volatile with a steady upward momentum
     The day when it gotten its license (I saw on vb.com),
        I snatch a little.
        Few days later, when the fever goes down, I snatch a little too.
        Then, fever goes up again.
        I keep buying whenever the fever goes down.
     Let's see how far this nice little stocks will go.
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Wolves paws on the snow?
Cannot be.
This is a tourist hot spot, how can?

Immediately, I put on my hat and tighten my belt.
Open and jump right out onto the fresh coat of snow.
Soft, puffy, nice.

I strained my eyes and focus on the paws.
Could be stray dogs? or may be reindeer?

Strolling down the slope and into the valley.
Big, wide, open space.

I could imagine that this will be *the* place to setup a summer concerts.
With lots of people sun-tanning along the running stream.


[Image: 4421660780_a16362891a.jpg]
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[Image: IMG_3471.JPG]

Then, I closed my eyes and take a deep breath.

Pssssssss.... white smoke coming out of my mouth

Hhhhhhh....closed my eyes and suck in harder...

Psssssss... breath out.....................................

Everything is so natural.

Everything is so white and bright.

Everything, except the surrounding is quiet.

So peaceful.


I look in front and saw a small running stream.

I could choose to walk downstream or walk up and find its origin.

I choose to walk up as it's more mysterious.

Life is great.  Life is grateful.

What else could I asked for?

There is no need to chase for money.

Why not let the money chase after me?

Everything is in my mindset.

With that, I focus on my journey and kick start my first adventure to an unknown territory covered in a fresh snow.
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Nobody is around.

Quiet, except the small running stream, splashing as I walked upstream.

Drip, drip, drip...
somehow, the snow on the tree top is melting...
my hood...
ok, I'm safe.

An hour of silence.

An hour of reflection.

Who are we?

Why do we exist?

What's the purpose of our life?

How can we be a better person?

When should we do the right things?

[Image: snow-foliage-and-forest-stream-mount-mon...n-burk.jpg]
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感恩 26 April 2019 Straco AGM ppt  https://valuebuddies.com/thread-2915-pos...#pid152450
交通意外 Accident kecelakaan lalu-lintas  போக்குவரத்து விபத்து

I saw 2 cars parked on the slope with long tyre marks.
I also saw a huge flat bed truck on top of the hill just outside my carpark.

All white.

And, my imagination runs wild and I pieced together a story:

A teenager couple decided to drive to the valley 
and spend the rest of the morning in serenity.

However, their small car skidded as the snow made the road extremely un-controllable.
Fortunately, the front left tyre caught the barbed wire and come to a complete stop.

Sad, but lucky that they were unhurt, they called a car workshop for help.

I just woke up and getting ready for my breakfast when my handphone started ringing.

Ha, Ha.  Business coming...
I half expected that people will call me to start up their car due to weak batteries 
or help to toll their car out of the heavy snow last night.

"Yes. Yes. Ok. No problem. Exactly where are you?"

When we saw Chris car driving down the slope.
We were happy initially.
Quickly, we realised that Chris is driving too fast.
He seems to be out of control.

We dodged and hopped into the puffy snow on the roadside.

Squeaky, skidding, skid.... 

Chris car rammed in to our car and halted immediately.

We got an emergency call from Chris.

He requested for a large flat bed truck as there were 2 cars involved in an accidents.

Tyre in bad shape and need to be toll on the truck.

Chris further warned us to make sure put on our snow chain before driving down the slope
(where the 2 cars stuck).

I saw the few tall and rugged man putting on their snow chain.

I thought that one suppose to lay the snow chain on the floor,
aligned properly to the direction of the car tyre.

Then, start car engine and drive over the snow chain a little bit,
before you wrap up and secure them with the hooks.

After watching the man putting on the snow chain, 
I have a Eureka moment.


A strong kerosene smells in the air since 4pm 
especially on the northern zone.

Hopes all ok.
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做一个好人 Be a Better Man

I know I’m probably better off all alone
Than needing a man who could change his mind at any given minute
And it’s always on your terms
I’m hanging on every careless word
Hoping it might turn sweet again
Like it was in the beginning
But your jealousy, I can hear it now
You’re talking down to me like I’ll always be around
You push my love away like it’s some kind of loaded gun.

I wish I'm a better man
... for my love one

From my plane, all I saw was alien terrain.
Could be Moon, could be Saturn.
Anywhere but earth.

covered in white puffy snow, 
I felt incredibly soothing 
watching, looking down.

I know that a part of most memorable and unique journey had ended.
And, I'm looking forward to the starting of another chapter ..................................

The tall and handsome reception look curiously at me.
"Sir, you booked a honeymoon suite?"

"Oh, it's ready for you. Could I show you to your room?"

Yes, I'm in Swissotel, Izmir - the 3rd largest city of Turkey.

And, yes, another chapter had just been unleashed on 22 Sept 2017.

Hope we could enjoy the next chapter together.
[Image: 6011454f-6ad4-4fbe-8fb2-996ddbe23b43.jpg]
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