Hosa International (2200)

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On 29 June 2018 , the Hosa share price collapsed by 90 % .


" Bonitas Research slammed in a short-selling report on HOSA INT'L (02200.HK) +0.095 (+36.538%) , accusing the company of counterfeiting and fraudulence and claiming that its embedded value is zero.

Accordingly, its stock price plunged 87% on June 29, as banks were overselling the management’s shares, while Bonitas was also shorting the shares.

As stated by Bonitas, the management is likely to have constructed a deceptive plan to bluff on its revenue and profitability. It also quoted from the data of Bloomberg that the share prices in the last hour of trading for the past 6 months have been inflated, which was a trick used by other listed companies."

Above was posted on aastocks website on 7 July 2018.

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