Time to rethink COE system?

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So which is the greater evil? Higher cost of owning a car or higher cost of operating/driving a car? Right now the COE makes owning a car prohibitively expensive, and to be honest driving a car also incurs rather high expenses such as petrol, insurance, road tax, ERP and parking just to name a few.

Even if the day comes that COE falls to a level which is considered "reasonable", ERP may just be jacked up to compensate for this fall in Govt revenues. The net result is still the same (high) total cost of owning/operating a car!

I guess we have a reputation to uphold in being the country with the most exorbitant cars! Tongue
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Now, I believed one has to cough up a few thousand dollars for a Singapore Driving Licence.

I remember this is a dream of many of my classmates.

They went for the theory, then the practical.

Cost of driving lessons is quite expensive then.
I think about $12 per hour.

I just give up,

No money, no talk. No dreams.Big Grin
It is the prelude to getting drivers to pay based on usage.
Study is already underway.

It is a single problem, too many cars on the roads and they are working out a complete solution.

1. Reducing number of COEs
2. Implementing Electronic Parking System to all parking places.
3. ??? Higher tax on petrol?
4. ??? Financing?
5. ???

Not a difficult problem to solve actually.
But they have to do it so it receives minimal resistance.
Now's not a very good time to make major changes to the system and make car ownership much more expensive than it already is,
the public transport is still lacking, it's dead end on both sides of the tunnel.

My take is to encourage alternative transport systems(i.e. cylce)
and think of creative ways to manage the way we travel.

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