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A reminder to all buddies when posting on

- VB is a place to exchange ideas and share information. We can have robust debate but challenges to another person who has contrary views to yours is not value added.


The moderators will not hesitate to warn or take actions against such users who violate the above guidelines. Lets keep this forum differentiated.
A reminder to all buddies when posting on

- Technical analysis is not welcomed on
- I am sure VBs can come out with solid analysis of the fundamentals instead.

Example of technical analysis as below:
hi all,

Please take note that does not accept posts that are fully curated by ChatGPT and then posted in a wholesale manner.

What is not allowed:
- The entire post is generated by ChatGPT with obvious little/none human input.

What is allowed:
- Use ChatGPT to create tables/history/facts to facilitate the human decision/discussion. The spirit of this is, the main driver is the human, not ChatGPT.

Moderators will moderate and remove posts that we suspect to be under "What is not allowed".

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