Disclosure of Shares Transactions

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Hi all, understand that members of the board of directors as well as substantial shareholders of the listed group have to disclose their buy and sell transactions through the sgxnet.

Was just wondering whether other parties, who are neither board directors nor substantial shareholders, but important players in the listed companies obliged to do the same, for example, these group of personnel:

1) Group CEO/CFO/COO/FC/GM etc. (key management personnel at the C-Suite level)

2) Sub Business Divisions CEO/CFO/COO/GM etc. (key management personnel at SBU level)

Similarly, are listed companies obliged to disclose departure/change to the following people through sgxnet?

Asking this question because many a times only people involve in day to day running of the business know what is really happening on the ground. Have witness too many cases of independent directors/substantial shareholders of listed group caught blindsided (like some of the S-Chips).Sad

Thanks for all the help!Smile
Correct me I am wrong but:

1. Key management has to disclose
2. SSH has to announce once they hit at least 5%

You can check SGX regulations

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