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(09-09-2014, 04:32 PM)GreedandFear Wrote:
(09-09-2014, 04:14 PM)crosscalibre Wrote: Yes, waiting for some announcement.

I had earlier taken a look at this counter (when it was at 24 cents) but decided not to invest which clearly was a mistake.....Sad. I was attracted to the business because I believe that trash can only be a long term positive business in Singapore given the Government's policy to grow the population. However, what made me decide against investing was the fact that such a high percentage of labour / sub-contractor costs (around 45% of revenues per the 2012 annual report). Seems to me that this is a highly labour intensive business and that will be continuously under pressure from increases in wages or government levies.

Does anyone have a view on this ? Can the business be more automated to counter wage pressure ?

I felt the same but had an epiphany when a friend pointed out that one of its major competitors is Sembawang Corporation, a GLC loaded with corporate overheads (somebody has got to pay the salary of all those high flying blokes in strategic plans, corporate communications, corporate governance, risk management, knowledge management, etc etc).Dodgy

It remind me of the old joke:

Steve and Mark are camping when a bear suddenly comes out and growls. Steve starts putting on his tennis shoes.
Mark says, “What are you doing? You can’t outrun a bear!”
Steve says, “I don’t have to outrun the bear—I just have to outrun you!”

Recently vested after the year end FY results and still in the process of building a meaningful position.
Cleaning and waste management company.

20 year track record, only 1 of 4 licenced by NEA to do public cleaning.
Share just ran up because of analyst report release.

Fundamentally I think it's sound and still good value for long term holding?

Management commit to 20% dividend payout, if they can consistently push thru the 10 mil earning a year, this is interesting

Just curious do you know who are the other 3, my hunch are sembcorp, veolia environmental and another firm
(16-09-2014, 08:41 AM)CY09 Wrote: Just curious do you know who are the other 3, my hunch are sembcorp, veolia environmental and another firm

From NEA website:

Public waste collection

NEA selects public waste collectors (PWCs) to serve domestic and trade premises in Singapore’s nine geographical sectors. Successful bidders are awarded seven-year contracts to service a sector. This includes the collection of recyclable materials from households under the National Recycling Programme. There are currently four PWCs operating in Singapore, as indicated on the map below. The customer hotlines of the PWCs for feedback and enquiries are as follows:

The customer hotlines of the PWCs for feedback and enquires are as follows:

Veolia ES Singapore Pte Ltd

Pasir Ris-Tampines and Clementi-Bukit Merah sectors: 6865 3140

Colex Environmental Pte Ltd

Jurong sector: 62684775

SembWaste Pte Ltd

Bedok, City, Hougang-Punggol and Woodlands-Yishun sectors: 1800-278-6135

800 Super Waste Management Pte Ltd

Ang Mo Kio-Toa Payoh Sector: 63663800

- See more at: http://app2.nea.gov.sg/energy-waste/wast...gl31i.dpuf
yepp colex

actually for 800 super, abt 40% revenue from govt (NEA and MOE)

the rest from commercial and industrial biz
they been getting consistent projects from SP also, check from prospectus

funda ratio wise, I think it's best vs colex and veolia
but they gotta deliver the cash for next few years.... we'll see

Any idea on the big rise recently? Seems like colex valuation is better? 800 super trading at around PE 9 while adjusted PE of colex will likely be abt 7 ..
from annual report, really like the company. only floating share is too less and once you hold, you may stuck for 1 year. even 50cts still looks atractive
Should worth more if there's consolidation from 4 players to 3. Afterall, the waste collection is currently being consolidated by NEA - from 9 sectors to 6.
800 Super Holdings sells Loyang property for $7.6 million
By PC Lee / TheEdge Markets.com | October 29, 2014 : 9:13 PM MYT

SINGAPORE (Oct 29): 800 Super Holdings says wholly-owned subsidiary 800 Super Waste Management (Financial Dashboard) has agreed to sell its property located at 2 Loyang Walk to Vigcon Construction for $7.6 million.

The property is currently an operations depot for the storage and maintenance of vehicles and a materials recovery facility for 800 Super’s public street cleansing project at the North-east district of Singapore.

But with the conclusion of project on August 31, 800 Super has no further use for the facility.
“夏则资皮,冬则资纱,旱则资船,水则资车” - 范蠡
Environmental service providers are doing well, including this company...

SINGAPORE (Feb 10): 800 Super Holdings ( Financial Dashboard) doubled its earnings for the six months ended Dec 31, 2014 (1HFY15) to $4.6 million or 2.57 cents per share. Last year, its earnings were $2.29 million or 1.28 cents a share.
Revenue for the environmental services provider grew 23.7% year-on-year to $64.5 million. This was mainly due to new contracts bagged, and revised pricing of contracts renewed.
“夏则资皮,冬则资纱,旱则资船,水则资车” - 范蠡

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