MISS (Malaysia Investor in Singapore Soil) Second Gathering

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May I know is there any place that I can place this invite?

Time: Saturday, July 16 · 7:00pm - 10:00pm
Location: Orchard Lerk Thai, Singapore
Host: Melissa Low
More Info

MISS (Malaysia Investor in Singapore Soil) Second Gathering.
The guest of the night is none other than Mr Ho Chin Soon, the well known map maker. This event is open to all but please kindly RSVP so that I can secure the venue.

Bills are equally shared but if you order liquor/beer, it will be separated from the bill. All investor or potential are welcome.
The last gathering was a great success, though noone from Value Investing came, but managed to get 10 ppl for a sit down dinner with Mr Ho Chin Soon.

You guys can view the picture posting here. http://alphamarketingsg.com/index.php?op...1&Itemid=2

so who is that cutie *points there* Big Grin


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