Retire in Style for Singaporeans in Malaysia- Johor Bahru

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With the escalating prices and higher cost of living in Singapore, we did research on the viability of a lifestyle arbitrage by moving to JB for retirement.

Not only there could be an upgrade of lifestyle, but instead of a monthly outlay, we could even get an income out of this move.

We look at the 2 different visas for long stay but being Singaporeans, we doubt it is necessary.

Our basic number crunching leads to our perspective that it is definitely worth consideration for this alternative retirement lifestyle.

Click Here for the Full Article:
Looking at this piece, one question is wouldn't it make sense just to rent in JB at RM 3k per month? For a RM $730,000 property mentioned in the article, that is about 20 years of rent. 

The situation is unlike Singapore, property, especially condos are depreciating assets in MY. Not only that, maintenance has always been very challenging and few developments do well, so it makes long term stay (>10 years) difficult to predict. And we can forget about en-bloc in JB.

By renting, one have the flexibility to change to a new developement / condo every 3 - 5 years, or just continue. Indeed, if you have a singapore property (HDB/condo), the rental from that SG property can effectively fund your lifestyle in JB.
You can count on the greed of man for the next recession to happen.

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