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Hi All,

Some thoughts on the EdTech sector in China. 

NetDragon Websoft is a gaming company which also happen to owns some international Edtech names which we thought is interesting and is not valued properly in their share price.

Enjoy the write-up. 


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Continuing to update on 20204Q

We are releasing all our reports on NetDragon Websoft.

Our initial thesis:

Subsequent industry update:

20204Q Update:

If there is anyone also working on NetDragon, do share your thoughts on the company.

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Updated thoughts on NetDragon since the bloodbath on the education sector in China.

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Sort of a recap on my thesis on NetDragon (0777.HK).

Management is recommending a dividend of HKD 1.43 to be approve by the board of directors. That is a 17% yield on the share price of HKD 8.00 on 2022/01/20.

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