Crescendo Park

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Crescendo Park offers exclusivity to a selected few who deserve the little luxuries of life, the gift of nature, and the bliss of serene living. Existing executive condo launches include Piermont Grand EC, Rivercove EC, Parc Life EC, Northwave EC and upcoming ones include Parc Canberra EC, Ola EC, Parc Central Residences EC. Parc Central Residences price, Ola EC and Parc Central price and details will be available shortly.

Crescendo Park offers a variety of uniquely designed units and each unit has a practical and efficient layout that allows you to make perfect use of every nook and cranny.

Each home offers the privacy and freedom to let your imagination go as you view the incredible landscape of design possibilities. Privacy and relaxation in the form of your very own roof terrace while convenience reigns supreme with your very space.

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