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UE E&C LTD ($0.61) - Today's breakout of a pennant signals that the 2 weeks consolidation phase of between $0.565 - $0.59 is finally over. Resistance of $0.605 has now turn support. With such heavy volume and venturing into uncharted territory, there is a high possibility that UE E&C is likely to achieve follow through effect and emerge higher price in the days to come....Good Luck.....
(14-03-2012, 10:19 PM)crabcrab Wrote: [ -> ]UE E&C LTD ($0.58) - Currently undergoing consolidation phase. However, high accumulation prevents the stock to go any lower than $0.565 currently.

UE E&C Ltd ($0.67) - Perhaps some xxxxxxx E&C company also want to get listed real soon..... So pushing up prices of company which has similar related activities like Guthrie & UE E&C in order to get higher valuation when get listed......... Nontheless, this counter, which command a dividend of not less than 5cts, should not be valued anything below $1.00. Market is just rerating this stock..... Wink
Seems also that Enc is transforming itself into a developer while parents company Ue transforming itself into a hospitality, retail mall and industrial operator cum landlord.........
8.9pct pop today, didn't see this coming out of the blue. any idea what's happening?

Market suddenly waking up to the idea that this counter is under-valued?
(31-08-2012, 01:34 PM)Share Investor Wrote: [ -> ]Market suddenly waking up to the idea that this counter is under-valued?

There is an analyst report from KE, titled UE E&C - A real steal. The following is some of the extract,

"Why we are highlighting this stock. We see very deep value, with the
stock trading below its book value of SGD 59 cents/ share, with a net
cash of SGD 39 cents/ share or 81% of its market cap
. Working capital
requirements are minimal, as evident from the SGD50m free-cash flow
for the past two financial years. We see a good chance of bumper
dividend distributions which will help unlock shareholder value."

not vested in UE E&C but with LKH Smile Smile
But this company is not adding much to its oder book so far which is a bit worrying.
UE E&C Ltd ($0.615) - Following a report by Kim Eng Research, the share price spike out suddenly from consolidation. However, fair value may be around $0.85 although not stated... (crabcrab vested)
Profit fell 25%. Dividend 5 cents. 7.5% yield based on last closing price.
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