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(31-01-2013, 08:54 AM)dydx Wrote: [ -> ]Quietly, Zagro Asia's share price has been on a gradual uptrend since early Dec12, after the counter went 'XD' for the $0.005/share Interim dividend on 28Nov12.

The company will report its FY12 (ended 31Dec12) full-year results by end-Feb13, and I guess the usual $0.01/share Final dividend can also be anticipated. Perhaps it is the right time to take another good look at the 1H-FY12 results.....$file/Zagro_SGX_Annc.pdf?openelement

As an IP-rich business, there is little doubt in my mind that the fair intrinsic value of Zagro Asia's business and share should be worth quite a lot more than its latest reported (as at 30Jun12) NAV/share of $0.2852. What do fellow forumers think?

seriously, almost every penny stock was on a gradual uptrend since dec'12. this is just liquidity lifting the share price.
yeah, a rising tide lifts all boats~
(31-01-2013, 11:43 AM)felixleong Wrote: [ -> ]yeah, a rising tide lifts all boats~

Well, a rising tide does help to lift stock prices. But as Zagro Asia is an illiquid stock - and with a share price of over $0.25 the counter is certainly not a penny stock! - the recent buying / accumulation is likely done by more serious investors, driven mainly by value or their belief that the counter is still substantially under-priced. This suggests that on valuation ground alone there should be still room for further upward re-rating of the share price, especially when some positive catalyst events emerge or happen.
FY12 (ended 31Dec12) AR is out and makes interesting reading.....$FILE/Annual%20Report%202012.pdf
Apart from having a consistent track record in profitability and generating a very decent positive FCF year after year, Zagro Asia also maintains a rock-solid B/S with a large/growing net cash reserve and understated (when compared with their current market realisable values) industrial properties.

In accordance with its consistent dividend payout over the years, Zagro Asia has declared a $0.01/share Final dividend which will be paid on 31May13.
Interesting, the company wiil be doing olive farming in Australia : diversification or diworsification ?.

Date: 14 November 2013

The company has been supplying agri inputs to the farming community thus far. Asia, where the company is headquartered, will require more food in the next 10 to 20 years. The company has decided selectively to go downstream in agri farming in non commoditised products. Olive farming is one identified and have recently acquired through Zagro Australia Pty Ltd, a small kalamata table olive farm in Australia. It is too early to estimate profits contribution to the group but it is not expected to be significant in the near future. It must be noted that farming in Australia has generally not been successful for some sectors due weather and labour costs so far and so farms are being sold at values that are below replacement cost. The group feels it is timely to slowly and selectively be involved in certain farming of animals or crops, particularly in Australia. Funding of this first project is done through internal resources presently.
Dunno which part of oz is that? Can I as shareholder volunteer yo help out in the farm as a farmer? Dun mind giving up everything here to be a farmer in oz.
Fully vested
Zagro Asia is buying into a New Zealand company engaged in the distribution of agriculture chemicals to penetrate the Kiwi market…..

Slowly and steadily, Chairman & CEO Poh Being Swee is growing Zagro's previously mainly Asia-based businesses into the world stage. Perhaps it is time again to review the last FY12 AR before the coming FY13 full-year results…..
FY13 (ended 31Dec13) full-year result just out…..

Another year of steady growth in business volume and profits. An unchanged $0.01/share Final dividend declared.

Share price wise, Zagro Asia has out-performed the STI by some 20% since Aug13…..
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