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Full Version: Obituary to Curtis Montgomery (Wallstraits)
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It was posted on nextinsight that curtis has passed away. Curtis was the founder of wallstraits from which vb migrated from. Without him there probably won't be a vb. Thanks curtis and may you rest in peace.
wow RIP Sage... he impacted the Singapore investment community

Only by googling did I realise Financial PR is somewhat related to Wallstraits. I always thought Wallstraits came from FISH rather than just a separate hobby.
Thanks to Curtis for his efforts and the setup of Wallstraits. I learnt a lot from his website/forum.
RIP Curtis

Thank you for introducing value investing to me through the setup of Wallstraits.
RIP Curtis.

I don't know him, and his Wallstraits, but I am convinced he has done a very right thing for Singapore investment community.

Thank you

Moderator and CF
I wonder what happened to all his wine liquid assets. At that time I was also bitten by the wine bug luckily not too hard Big Grin partly influence came from wallstraits and partly from my own colleagues and friends. Was a tempting idea at that time with hype swirling around that china people gaining more affluence throwing their wealth about and drinking expensive french bordeaux with 7-up so why not invest in something these people want that over time will only appreciate in value at the auction block? hahaha

So I started researching. Aside from enormous supply from the numerous vineyards and different wine brands the thing that held me back the most is that while it seems there were many eager investors but there was almost no sellers meaning there was no active secondary market for wine assets changing hands or rather there were sellers but no place or exchange for them to go sell so what what happens if I had a cash crunch? luckily cautiously went in only 5k. I hear a lot of people dump in a lot of their money.
RIP Curtis.

Like Dennis, you have contributed much to the investing community.
RIP Curtis, thanks for setting up Wallstraits, laying the gathering stone for valuebuddies. RIP
RIP. Curtis.
have the fond memory of Wallstraits
This is sad news! His Sun Tzu On Investing was the first book I ever read on value investing. I had borrowed it from the library. 2 years later I decided to purchase it from his website. It came in the post and I was pleasantly surprised that he had personally autographed it. Yes, RIP Mr Montgomery Sir.
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