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Full Version: Obituary to Curtis Montgomery (Wallstraits)
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So u mean he went to Ntu in 2004 gave a talk?
RIP Curtis. It was thanks to the Wallstraits community that I got my start in business. For that I will always be grateful.
R.I.P. Curtis. I also seen him in person due to his talk in NTU, brought about by the investment club..
(07-02-2015, 08:02 AM)Musicwhiz Wrote: [ -> ]
(07-02-2015, 07:40 AM)pianist Wrote: [ -> ]Where can we new birds find this book

If I am not wrong, it's still being sold in some bookstores. But yes it's pretty rare I think. Alternatively, you can try e-commerce sites or perhaps Books Depository has it?

Good luck!

Cheapest way, it's available at NLB.

I got that book as well, with a Wallstraits pen.

Learn a lot from his analysis and the forum.
Life is quite short =(

I was more active in wallstraits, good times
Curtis Montgomery (Wallstraits) has passed away

Anyone still remembers Curtis? I still have his book with me.
RIP.. if its true.
dennis and his wife look quite alike
RIP Curtis.

3 books by Curtis:
[Image: z0aia.jpg]
(06-02-2015, 04:15 PM)specuvestor Wrote: [ -> ]Only by googling did I realise Financial PR is somewhat related to Wallstraits. I always thought Wallstraits came from FISH rather than just a separate hobby.
If I'm not wrong, Kathy is Curtis's wife. Singapore needs this caliber of immigrants. They are intelligent and go-getter.
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