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Our F1 had just ended....
and it remind me of a story in Italy. (two stories actually, another in Slovenia).


There is a direct flight from Singapore to Milan.
So, I touch down at Milan and then took a bus to Milan central train station. Easy.

Then, I took the next train to Lake Como.

At Lake Como, I drag my luggage for 20 mins to my hotel which is actually not a hotel but a small cottage.

The door is locked but the small yard door is open.
Obviously, nobody is around to host/register me.

I looked around and hide my luggage at a corner of the garden and then go for my lunch.
Relax ... the owner has to come back to his home.


When I returned after my delicious lunch, the owner is still missing.
mmm.... I look around and check out the garden too.

ops, a very old lady walked into the yard from outside.

She gestured to me to follow her inside.

This old lady walks slowly and looks frail.

"Passport." she open up her hand. (I don't expect her to speak good english because of her age.)

I hand over her my passport.

There is a spark in her eyes (as if she had just delighted by something.)

She says "SINGAPORE?"

I nod my head, caught surprised by her excitement.

She says "Singapore is a beautiful city. Small but beautiful."

No prize in guessing how she know us....

[Image: lake_como_italy.jpg]

be happy always... Shy
I seldom took photo during holidays or oversea trips.

It was not like that.

The trigger point was in Milan.


I was standing in front of Milan Cathedral and my camera run out of battery.

Sad, indeed... very sad. I told myself.

Then, my partner told me something very interesting...
"Why not you use your eyes as a camera and record the picture in your brain?"

The rest is history... The following picture had etched in my head since then...

[Image: Italy_0159.JPG]

[Image: milano-duomo10.jpg]
Picture googled from internet.
My friend just returned from his lovely trip in Europe.

He mentioned that Gondola ride in Venice is not worth it.

I says that there is a shorter trip which is very cheap.

Immediately, he replied that yes, there are 3 route, the middle one is 120 Euro.
"It's a ripe off."

I better keep quiet, for the cheaper Gondola ride is only Euro 2.

Try it when you're in Venice.


Heart Love Compassion
Good Morning, Value Buddies.
Yet, another beautiful day.

There are 2 places/cities in the world that's most romantic:
1. Paris
2. Venice

For me, when I closed my eyes, my fond memory of Venice pop-up instantaneously.

I do hope that you had the same experience too (might not be in Venice but somewhere else).

Like CF says: "The best place is the place that gives me the best experience."

Venice is so romantics that the image imprinted in my mind that I voted as the best place to visit.


Dear Value Buddies might be curious how did I managed to go so many places self-service?

For Europe, he is Rick Steves.


Heart Love Compassion
The most romantic getaway in the world: Venice ( or Venezia in Italian)

You can easily travel within Italy using only train and bus aka don't need to drive.

Check out Rick Steves website for a sample travelling itinerary using only train and bus:

Once again, ladies and gentleman.
Sharing a simple joy of my dream:
[Image: beb1734b6fb8e5ed7ebc434353e2b670.png]
P.S. Let me warn you: don't go to Venice alone.

Heart Love Compassion

Enjoy - the above video might be focusing on Singaporean 
but it could be extended to all nations.

My heart warmed up after seeing Rachael posts on Zara in Spain.

Being a young and sophisticated globetrotter, following GPS, I step up into the most famous Prada shop in Milano.

Only a few customers inside.

Bored husband sitting quietly doing nothing.

Beautifully dressed girlfriend with glittering accessories chatting happily with the sales girls.

All blacked, single piece, sleek and elegantly dressed with hair tightly bun up (sales girls lar).

I stand there quietly still holding my GPS handphone.

I maintain my posture for another 10 seconds and someone noticed me.

Another sleek and elegant black dressed sales girl with her long hair smiled at me.

I smiled back smartly and waving back slightly with my iphone 7P.

Approaching me quickly wearing a sweat smile on her face.

I got a instance feeling that I'm the right place.

"How are you doing? What can I help you?"

I smiled back and show her my iphone 7P.

"Oh, this model, we have let me show you."

"Ops, we only have the larger piece, is that what you want?"


"You see, your listing has 2 sizes. One is this size,"
Showing me a big handbag with pastel pink color.
"And, another one is this." (showing me a slightly smaller handbag with bright orangey color).

"Mmm..." (I'm hesitating, don't know what to say).

"Don't worry, I can get the smaller bag but will takes about 15 mins."
"Meanwhile, you can just sit and relax."
"Would you like to have something to drink while waiting?"

"Fine, coke please."
"Do you have a toilet?"

"Sure. I need to bring you up as it's quite complicated."
I smiled back.
"Fine, please lead the way."

The elegant lady walk in front of me, climbing up a stair and walk thru the 2nd storey,
and stop in front of a mirror.

She waved at the mirror which slide open to a long dark passage.
I followed her inside the narrow passage to reveal a huge round theatre (huge in relative sense to the shop).
Fully mirrored with 1/4 of the wall filled with velvet seats.
White carpeted floor projected a comfy and yet sleazy atmosphere.

Quickly, she walk pass the theatre and stand besides a huge door and signalled me to go in.

The rest, I'll leave it to your imaginations.

Enjoy a bright sunny day on top of the Duomo:

[Image: milan28.jpg]
Wow privileges of the rich. Access to secret toilet!

Personally, I feel Milan is not as nice a place for tourists as compared to Rome or Florence. Not as much to see. The Duomo at Florence is nicer too!
Good morning valuebuddies.
The expected market turmoil started and valuebuddies must be buzy shopping around.

At the same time, do spend some time plan for your coming holiday

[Image: snow-in-venice-venezia-autentica-big-16.jpg]

I was bored and I walked around the shop selling Murano.

The friendly salesgirl pointing to the entrance while talking to a happy shopper.

She was saying something but I couldn't figure out nor pay any attentions to her.

I wondered around and saw an old man shifting the shops sign board into the room.

I nudged forward and take a closer look outside.

I glaze up and saw something falling from the sky.

Like rain but not rain.

It's moving like Brownian motion.

Randomly, bombarded left and right.

One spherical white ball fell on my favourite blue jacket.

About 1mm diameter and then like magic, it disappear.

It's power snow.

The rest is history. 

I experienced my first powder snow.

[Image: 15610706634_1de953cdc7_b.jpg]
 Italy 意大利 Bergamo 贝加莫

Thank you valuebuddies for all your help.
I benefited tremendously from your kind gesture.

Thank you very much.

I sit comfortably in a seating compartment.
A lady walk in and sit besides me.

Wow, she look likes a Russian.
Tall, stout, very tall and she was wearing a Russian hat, fur coat and 
seems like there is an animal sling on her shoulders too.

I cannot look at her for too long.
I shift and look out of the train windows.
Glancing at the horizon that I realised that what a heavy snow.

Nothing happened and I am at Bergamo train station, searching for a public phone.
I called a few places to book my accommodation for tonight.

No luck. 
The public phone is out of order.
And, I'm not able to get back my Euro coin.
It stuck inside the public phone.

As I walked away, I noticed some shabbily-clan woman walking passed me.
I turn around and saw they use a stick and pick out my Euro coin from the phone.

Oh well. No wonder I have no luck making phone calls.

My luck came when I stand in front of a restaurant (cum hotel).

I gotten a far far far away corner room.
It was a long long walk, up and down narrow corridors.

Then, at the end of the corridors is a door that open to a spacious room.

When I stood at the balcony, it overlook a vast garden...
... covered up with puffy white snow.
... amazing Bergamo.

Most tourist will not visit or heard about Bergamo.

Hope you enjoy and plan for a trip there during Dec and enjoy the snow ... just like me.
Good morning valuebuddies.
Wish everyone a wonderful day ahead.

Lake Como
[Image: 3f3a1d6e02a156ad78407cddf1486d24.jpg]

Train to Lake Como is very easy.
Driving is equally easy too especially if you're in Milan.

If you cannot stay overnight in Lake Como,
then a day trip (driving up) makes perfect sense.

While you are coming back from Lake Como,
consider driving to a small town which has a beautiful building
- Villa Reale di Monza

Make it about 6:30pm or near last light and see the sun set.
The crimson light.
Orange especially shinning on the villa facade is definitely a million dollar view.

If you're lucky, there is also a party waiting for you too.
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